The Collective Ug, The Conglomeration of Talented Christians With 4 Projects Out.

Article By Victoria Acom

Have you been hungry for rich, deep and authentic worship? Are you looking for a symphony to lull you into intimacy with God and awaken your sense of purpose? The CollectiveUG could be just what you need.

The Collective UG is a non-denominational movement that gives young people a platform to encounter God and discover their full potential. The conglomeration of talented Christian young people seeks to inspire and ignite a passion for God through art and music.

It isn’t much their craft as it is the heart behind it that gets you. The band brings together some of the most talented instrumentalists, song writers and singers that Uganda has yet seen.

The Collective Ug

A Picture From A Recent The Collective Ug Worship Extravaganza.

They offer an opportunity for young people to truly experience the love of God through worship. They have organized a number of Worship extravaganzas in different churches and schools in the past months in which they go all the way in bringing heaven down through their exaltation. The band works on releasing projects for every school term where they release a collection of songs focusing on different inspirational themes.

Broken Strings, the first term project by the Collective UG was released early in 2015. The project inspires hope. The idea that God is our fixer and mends us when we have been broken, distressed or discouraged along our paths in life. The songs on the project have a general idea of dependence on God and cooperating with the Spirit to do the things that God called us to do.

The second project, Sold Out is a pure nomenclature of its title. The project speaks about being a true servant of Christ, fully submitting our hearts to God and watching him lead in and through us. The lyrics of the title track vividly express this;

‘My life is yours, committed to your ways

Your word of truth renewing all my days

Now my life sold out, to you oh God and I live poured out to where you call.’

The truth echoed in Philippians 1:20 is reflected through these sentiments as the project clearly says,’ To live is Christ, to die is gain.’

The third project, Sojourner is a beautifully crafted collection of songs inspired by the idea that we are visitors on this earth and sooner or later, we will go home to where we really belong.Securing our identity in Christ and knowing that God is whom we solely and truly belong to and report to despite every complexity in life is the overriding them here.

Their fourth Term project called Home came out in March 2016. It focuses on how God seeks us out and draws out to himself even ways we may not even realize. It tells of how God is calling us to a place of fellowship with Him, drawing us to Himself because He alone is our ‘Home’.

Each project has unique sound and new message to the listener, the music prompts a deep sense of fellowship and longing for God. Each project takes on the format of some music, a devotional instrumental and a message at the end drawing us back to the core reason for the melodies. The band is also working on a project for the new school which will come out before the end of July.

The Collective UG is like a breath of fresh air in a world where young people have had their identity compromised by trends and pointless pursuits. The movement is a call to worship God in purpose and authenticity, in spirit and truth through every avenue; music, poetry, art, in our relationships, careers, plans and wholesomely with our lives.

Catch the vision, join the movement!

Follow The Collective UG on Twitter, Facebook and Youtube. All their music is available on for free!

The Collective Ug - Home



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