Daisy Ejang Releases Malo, Introduces Malo Challenge – A Chance To Win Big. Read More

When you refer to yourself as a princess in two different songs, we just have to agree and call you a princess. Well, Princess Daisy Ejang is back with Malo, an infectious gospel song. Do not be deceived by the title, the verses are in plain English and a bit of Luganda in the pre-chorus and Luo in the choruses and bridge. The way she shifts from one language to the other is so flawless. Given that this particle article writer understands all three languages, it helped form the bias towards liking the song.



Our dear Princess has slowed the tempo of her music a little bit. This is seen from the Afropop Eyes on Me, Tami – a reggae tune and now, Malo which gives melodious zouk sounds. All these songs do not match-up to Mia Teko, and Yawa De, in terms of tempo and you do know how Ugandans love to dance. Of course, when you listen to Malo on good speakers, you cannot fail to get up on your feet and dance or at least node your head. The song seems to be receiving a lot of attention on the airwaves and a music video is in the works, we will keep you posted on that.

Working with her favorite producer, D King, Daisy Ejang delivers deeply spiritual lyrics in Malo. Tingi Malo is Luo for, Lift You Higher. It is definitely not the Maalo, a Luganda word that many may think it is. Listen to the song here.


About Malo Challenge

Record a short video of yourself singing your favorite part of the song Malo and post on Instagram, or Facebook and Twitter and Tag Daisy Ejang. Use the hashtag, #MaloChallenge in all your posts, invite your friends to come like, come, retweet, favorite and stand a chance to win 200,000 shillings a movie date with Daisy Ejang.

When you win, remember to tithe to us for bringing you this information. Also, for her social media platforms for update.

Twitter: @EjangDaisy

Facebook: Daisy Ejang

Instagram: @DaisyEjang 





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