We Celebrate Living Legend Betty Nakibuuka As Baby Gloria & Levixone Collaborate.

With this “Save A Life” song and now, music video, there is so much to talk about. Let us start from the fact that Gloria has grown, both as a person and vocally too. She is no-longer the little mummy’s girl – well, maybe she still is her mum’s Baby Gloria. Does she need a re-brand? Views are divided on this. In one of our interactions with a top producer whose name we won’t mention here, he said, Babyface the artiste did not require a re-brand and hence, Baby Gloria can still retain her name, as long as the ‘baby’ is not to mean she is a baby.

Next, let us talk about the fact that her mother Betty Nakibuuka a living legend has done a commendable job of training her daughter both in The Lord and nurturing her gift as well. Baby Gloria, now a teen has practically grown up in-front of the cameras singing songs for Jesus and endorsing cosmetic product brands. We need more mothers like that in our generation who understand that their role is to guide and not coerce children into pursuing careers that they do not want.Levixone Baby Gloria 1

Of course, we will talk about the fact that this song establishes Baby Gloria as a force to reckon with. She can now be an ambassador in the fight against child abuse. There is a lot of suffering, Baby Gloria and multiple award-winner Levixone lend their voice to a great cause and call upon The Almighty God to deliver His children.

In light of those many things in the song’s favor, it is not surprising that the song is hitting Christian music charts and is on high rotation. Baby Gloria did it as a baby, and she is showing signs of continuing to do so as a teenager.

One more thing, Baby Gloria is seen carrying a baby in this music video. Thumbs up to Kim XP for the music video production and D King for the audio production.

Watch the music video.


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