Vocalist Sonny Soweez Went Through Tribulations: Listen To Her Uplifting Song

Did you see what we did there? You can only get it if you know that Sonny Soweez’s previous releases includes a song titled, Possibility and now has released another uplifting song titled, Tribulationz. Read on…

Sonny Soweez (real name, Sonny Asimo) became popular for her contribution on some of mainstream music’s most interesting Hip-Hop hooks. The Christian vocalist joined the music industry in 2013 and has released 7 songs (love, raved up, no other, all about you, possibility, pieces and just recently, Tribulationz). She is mostly interested in fusing vocals with hip-hop beats though she’s also doing RnB and pop. The real reason we are writing this article is her Tribulationz song.

How has the music she has released affected her? She told us, “I’d say, the music that I have done has mostly helped me grow spiritually, physically and emotionally. I have also been able to juggle a tight course and music for 3 years and I believe someone out there has got the courage to pursue something in the same context. All the songs I have written have been based on life experiences that are totally relate-able. I believe it’s a much easier approach to impact people’s lives.”

Sonny Soweez

Inspired by her goals and constantly looking at challenging herself towards being a better version of her. She says, “I am driven by Love.” The entire LOTA house and Hillary Jane are among the musicians that inspire her as well. Her Tribulationz song must have been birthed from a trying time in her own life.

“There are times in your life it feels like nobody understands you. Times you want to scream out loud. You hate what you are going through. It’s never an easy journey. Friends will say you should let it go.” Those are the opening words to a beautifully penned down song. It is one to help you pull through. Just how much faith have you got left? Still, hopefully, you choose to pray even when you are at a place of brokenness and you do not understand what is happening. Will you ever blot out this chapter? You definitely need this song when you need to shut-out the world and the many negative and nonconstructive voices in your head. You are not alone in this fight.

After carefully setting the mood and message right in the verses, the final stump is made in an outro. “However hard it is. You’ve gotta trust The Lord. He’s gonna see you through all these Tribulationz. Put your faith in Him. He’ll never let you down. Put your faith in Him. He’ll never let you down.”

The message in this song will bless you. Ugandan vocalist Sonny Soweez says she intends to make music to reckon. “I’d like to change lives and impact many in a positive way. Seeing Hidden Empire grow into a major collective is also one of the future prospects. At the end of the day, it’s all for the Glory of God.”

Link to tribulations



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