Levixone And Ray Signature Declare ‘God Is Good’ In New Massive Tune.

Two musicians, Ray SIgnature and Levixone went to D King’s Neutriq Town studios and recorded a song titled, God is Good. Both are independent artistes and musicians in their own rights. They do amazing storytelling in this song. Our writer Ester reviewed it below.

How is it possible that all Levixone’s collaborations are so perfect? I mean, not that it’s a bad thing (of course it’s not) but how does he manage to blend so well with everyone he works with on a song? Maybe it’s just me being a Levixone fan but seriously, he never goes wrong.

Anyway, the song that’s making me rave on about this is ‘God is good’ with Ray Signature.

It has the effortless blending of Levixone and Ray Signature’s vocals, I almost cannot tell them apart. Yes, the first thing I noticed about the song was how well they go together. Now that that’s been established; it has the somewhat playful verses characteristic of Levixone but they always have the message. I like the simplicity of the song, it gives the impression of Ray and Levixone enjoying doing this (I don’t know if they did but well…)

Ray Levixone.jpg


I’m not sure I should call it a feel-good song, but it sure does give the good vibes. It is the kind of song that makes you think of dancing. I say think because it teases you just enough to make you want to dance. If it makes you dance, well and good. I like that the production was quite sensitive as the beat is not a monotonous one. It changes at a few intervals, just the right intervals. I like that they include part of a song I liked in Sunday school. If you don’t recognize it, either you were born yesterday or you dodged Sunday school class.

In case you are wondering (like I was), Ray Signature is a renown song-writer and producer who began his career in church, like most musicians, but affirmed in an interview that he has not lost his values and beliefs.

Whatever the case maybe, this collaboration is very commendable. The two prodigies compliment each other so impressively on this track. If anything, the song delivers the message. Also, can some of these artistes tell us their secret for making a collaboration work?

Listen below and request on all radio stations.


Prior to the audio release, this is what Levixone shared on his Facebook prpfile.

“It is written As surely as I live , says the Lord every knee will bow down before me every tongue will acknowledge God – Romans 14:11. New song coming soon with my brother @raysignature#Godisgood, my brother confessed that Jesus Christ is Lord and only savior, let the glory be to my heavenly Father. Special Thanks to @abdallah_mustaque for the great work done and @Dking mukama akuwe omukisa. #GodisGood”

Article by Ester Mirembe.


One response to “Levixone And Ray Signature Declare ‘God Is Good’ In New Massive Tune.

  1. I so much love the song,i have the lyrics in my mind already. I like the blend of you two. I almost couldnt differitiate you


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