[Review] Reborn Status Goes For The Typical Praise And Worship Music Sound In “I Worship You.”

Article By Ester Mirembe

After two songs, both collaborations with Sandra Awilli, Reborn Status returns with I Worship You, a typical praise and worship song. It is an interesting direction, especially if you listened to ‘I Surrender’ and ‘Not The Same.’ Our writer Ester penned a review, read it here. Also, Download the song and leave your thoughts on it.

I desist from using words like underrated or overrated but allow me, just this once. Reborn Status is so underrated or I have not been paying enough attention. “I Worship You” is the song that has snapped me to attention.

Allow me indulge you (and I do this blindly as it is only after I heard this song that I looked for other songs by Reborn Status. I believe that is what it means to be unbiased, right?).

“I Worship You” is what I would call an almost traditional song for praise and worship in church. I don’t know if it is used but I honestly think it can. It is the kind of song that you can listen to at the end of a long day, in the middle or at night. Only adjust the volume and voila! Suitable for the mood.

It is done in such a way that you can focus more on what is being sung than anything else, though of course, everything else compliments it so well. The background vocals don’t get a shout out but whoever they belong to, makes the song so easy to listen to. It’s the kind of song you will listen to once, and you’ll find yourself humming it in the bathroom. It leaves a lasting impression as it is so easy to sing along to.

I’m probably making it sound like a master piece, aren’t I? I think it is because I just listened to Reborn Status and I am asking myself where he has been all my life. He is so talented, and if you have not heard any of his songs, you are only cheating yourself.

Also, do churches use songs by our local artistes in church? Because I really want to sing this song in church on Sunday. I know what you’re thinking. That I should not wait for Sunday? Well, it’s one of those songs I wish on everyone. I am so glad I have found Reborn Status. I have no regrets whatsoever. I hope he continues to make the kind of music he is making.


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