The African Children’s Choir Work With award nominated producers Tre Shepherd and Ian Hannah on New Single


A story of hope and belonging for everyone

Kampala, Uganda: Working up to the release of their long awaited 2016 project, REJOICE, the African Children’s Choir (ACC) has teamed up with the Young African Voices to bring you the first single of this project titled ‘I belong.’

Originally written and performed by Irish singer, song writer and worship leader Kathryn Scott, I belong speaks earnestly to the heart behind the work of the African Children’s Choir in multiple African countries over the last 35 years. It speaks to the story of hope and sense of belonging that the African Children’s Choir has managed to bring to thousands of children over the years through the love of Jesus.

Music Director, Barbara Serunjogi Walusimbi shared, “The song ‘I belong’ is a gift presented to the African Children’s Choir by song writers, Kathryn Scott and Mildred Rainey. It’s a song that speaks the unchallengeable truth for every former and present member of the African Children’s Choir.

No matter what is going on in our lives, we belong to Jesus Christ. And as such, we are a chosen generation.”

The fresh take that the African Children’s Choir and Young African Voices have brought to this song with the help of award nominated producers Tre Shepherd and Ian Hannah, is bound to make you fall in love with this song and hopefully bring you hope and belonging.


About The Young African Voices:

The Young African’s are all alumni of the African Children’s Choir program. Through the sponsorship program they have been educated and many are impacting a tremendous change through music, and other fields. As alumni, they all have a sense of belonging to the group, to, which they often return. Out of the same group, recognized artists such as Omega Bugembe Okello, Barbara Kayaga and Richard Kawesa have emerged.

About ACC: The African Children’s Choir travels the world, acting as ambassadors for Africa’s most in-need children – raising much needed awareness and funds for the education of the continent’s most vulnerable children, as well as their own education.The ACC stems from Music for Life, its official fundraising charity and it works in seven African countries including Kenya, Rwanda and South Africa.Over the last 31 years, 52,000 children have been educated, with over 100,000 children impacted through it’s relief and development programs; creating Change Makers for the future of Africa.


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