Learn From The Elders At The Annual Family Conference, Stewardship And The Family.

Article By Ester Mirembe

Family, like we learned in primary school, is the nucleus of society. Of course, not with those exact words but when we were children we thought like children and now we know with the simple language, what they really meant was that families make up the fabric of society. And society, as we know it, is like a hand sewn quilt. Some parts almost perfect, others in need of repair, others coming undone.

Deliverance Church Makerere, has actively recognized the importance of families, functional families, in building a nation. Through ‘The Annual Family Conference’ (TAFC) which has been running since 2011, they have addressed issues that concern families. Surprisingly (even though it shouldn’t be) we are all part of families one way or another so this conference is for each and every one of us. It is especially recommended because there’s no school for parenting or preparing for marriage or raising children. For the most part, it is a gamble but oh God has done great things. The speakers lined for the week-long conference have years of experience under their belts, you don’t have to figure this out alone.

Last year’s theme, “The Pillars of a thriving family”, was broadly discussed with sub-themes such as pillars of the family, understanding a marital covenant, finances in marriage, laws of attraction and conflict resolution by Mrs.Dorothy Kisaka, Prof.Sam Lubega and Pr.Jairus Mutebe. The thing about these themes is that they make Christianity so, I daresay, practical. I believe that spirituality serves in the preservation of a noble character and a value system that respects family.


Even better, this year’s conference theme is “Stewardship and the Family”. There is an all-inclusive package for all married and unmarried people with sub-themes ranging from media and family, parenting/raising godly offspring, finances and family, to single and yet whole. There will, surely, be something for everyone through key activities such as panel dialogues, workshops and plenary sessions. The key-note speakers of the conference will be Dr.James Magara, Mrs.Dorothy Kisaka, Dr. & Mrs.Serrukka, Pr.Amon and Lillian Katiso.

It is important to note that the hours are also family friendly and won’t interrupt your work schedule either. Maybe gym, but not work. Monday 6th June through to Sunday 12th, the place to be at 5:30pm will be Deliverance Church Makerere. The 3-hour long sessions will end at 8:30pm. Of course, it is okay to make mistakes and learn along the way but we could all use some lessons from the people that have walked the journey before us. It’s only fair to ourselves.

“Families; Like branches on a tree, we all grow in different directions, yet our roots remain as one.” -Unknown


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