The Man, Massin You Met Yesterday, Is Different Now. {Watch Video & Catchup}

In an interview almost one year ago, we introduced Massin, a Zambian musician who works really hard to beat all odds. We know this because, we follow him closely on his Twitter and we see the music releases, video uploads, and we recently had a chat with him to catch up.

Flashback, Massin said in our interview, “I almost gave up. You know the life whereby people say your work (music) is good but no one is showing up to manage you, studio expenses etc. But I thank God for his wonder-working power. My story changed when he brought the right people I needed just on my door step. I have no manager  but I’ve a studio that helps in management of the music we are making now. The scriptures tell me that God has got thousand ways which he can use to provide for us, so, I don’t doubt (because we ain’t failing, he running things even without a manager.) My prayer is to have one.”

Since our last encounter, Massin has made appearances at major shows including Mr Sobre’s Gold Star Tour which featured KBG from Malawi. In addition to the above, the Nikulupila singer is set to make an appearance during William McDowell’s tour in Zambia in July 2016. His EP is set to be released in December and is titled, Nikulupila which means I believe. From the days of ‘Deeper’ song release, he has been in school but that is about to be history considering that on June 15th, he will be done with school.

Straight out of his kitchen is the “Belongs To You” music video with awesome audio production and he goes for simplicity in the video itself. When asked about what he is focusing on, Massin says the Nikulupila EP is what he is spreading right now as well as planning some international collaborations. Well, we are glad to see young men give their all to God and for His glory. The man, Massin you met yesterday, is certainly not the same one.

Also, expect Mag 44 on the remix of Deeper. Now this is wonderful news.

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Read our previous feature: With Love From Zambia – Interview With Massin

We will leave it here for now. Watch the music video below.


Your Audio Download Link is here.


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