Proud Of Christian Musicians, See What They Did At Qwela Junction And Conversations That Arose.

The fourth edition of Qwela Junction was held at Kampala Serena Hotel on Mother’s day. It was a great place to take your mother or wife to pamper them. The music was right for couples because of the love-filled themes in the lyrics. The show was one that even a child could easily attend and there would be no need to cover their eyes. There was no erotic dances or vulgarities on stage, just music. Live music, story-telling and great vocals.

During the event, many tweeted saying they were happy that a good number of the church-bred singers openly professed their faith. Joe Kahirimbayi the lead singer of Qwela Band was the first to do so. Kahiri, as he is popularly known, was also the MC for the night and introduced his own mother.

Apart from sending a clear message appealing to the conscience of politicians Kimera Sam a.k.a K!MERA also stated his love for three things; God, family and caring for people.

As soon as the event ended, Benjaah Edwards took to Facebook to post,

How our artistes were unashamedly Christian on a stage that some would rather not step onto is the reason why I respect these artistes’ maturity and understanding of where God has called them. And I know some of you are comfortable doing everything within the confines of the four walls but, I won’t get into that debate! I am proud!

‪#‎QwelaJunction Memories!

K!MERA During Qwela Junction, Crooners Edition

K!MERA During Qwela Junction, Crooners Edition

The comments that followed this included one from DJ Twonjex who said, “I like the fact that they did that. It is time for us to be unashamed about being who we are!!” A one, Prima commented that she things it is high time we came out of hiding. She recalled a scenario when one secular radio show host attended a PhatFest event and it was a whole new level for him. Apparently, the radio presenter in question could not believe that a Gospel artiste could step on stage and the whole crowd goes crazy while singing along. The radio presenter then asked to find out where our musicians have been hiding.

In addition to the above and more, we also saw these back and forth conversations in which we were tagged.


In conclusion, we believe that the calling on each singer’s life is different and it would be great if we the Christians had much more love-themed music from a Christian perspective that does not idolize the opposite sexes.

Further still, we had a brief chat with K!MERA who is ‘Up To Something” and he added, that,

“I think as Christians (artistes or otherwise), we have the responsibility to speak into all aspects of life… not just relationships and love songs

So.. depending on where God has you.. politics, media, entertainment, faith&religion etc…

each according to the grace given… and we can all do it well (without taking a jab at the other. that’s my 2 cents.”

RnB Vocalist Richie Kaweesa sings love songs from his, My Words album.

RnB Vocalist Richie Kaweesa sings love songs from his, My Words album.

Your opinions on these thoughts are welcome.

Picture Credits: Access Films


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