Nominated For Groove Awards, Gospel General Christo Fabulous Is Unwavering. [Exclusive Feature]


Masembe Kujagata Christopher a.k.a Christo Fabulous is one of the longest standing Christian Gospel music generals with respect from other like-minded artistes. If the statement, ‘birds of a feather flock together’ has an ounce of truth, Christo Fabulous is a testament to this. Together with Mr Googz a Kenyan Gospel minister, they have a Groove Awards nominated single, Calling. Like Mr Googz, Christo Fabulous walked away from the secular world. The later did so in 2001 when he gave his life to Jesus Christ and then joined the industry in 2003.

Do you remember when Papa San and Stitchie collaborated on One Blood? Well, calling is no different. Christo Fabulous a gospel music legend said to us in an interview that, “I was in the secular music scene since 1995 with the likes of Kid Fox, Peter Miles, Bebe Cool, Chagga Mico Chris, Jose Chameleon, Vboyo, Ras Khan, Bobi Wine, Gentle P, the list is endless.” He hasn’t looked back. Christo Fabulous converted to Christianity after being preached to by another Gospel legend, Fiona Mukasa.

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He says, Fiona Mukasa preached to him and gave him some answers to questions he was asking himself about progressing in life and as an artiste. Upon his U-turn, Christo Fabulous also learned that his mother Mrs Masembe Teopista had dedicated him to serve God and that is why they named him Christopher. The name is from the Greek word meaning carrier of Christ. St Christopher, patron Saint of travellers, is believed to have carried the Christ-child across a river.


Mr Googz And Christo Favulous

Mr Googz And Christo Favulous

Do you remember, Yesu Agamba Mujje? It was a dangerous jam back in the day featuring Peter Miles. That was Christo Fabulous’ maiden and breakthrough song. It introduced him into the Gospel music industry. They (Peter Miles and Christo Fabulous) actually did two other songs titled Praise and Mukama Kyenkusaba together.

Our interactions with a good number of Kenyan gospel artistes revealed that they hold Christo Fabulous in high regard. How exactly did he breakthrough to the Kenyan Gospel industry? His response was, “I will say it is by God’s grace. Secondly, in 2008, we did a song called Danger Zone with one of Kenya’s biggest artistes called Rufftone and featuring Uganda’s very own Tickie Tah. It was a very big song. Since then, my name has been in their ears and now I am recording with the Revolutionized Label which is in Nairobi alongside Mr Googz.

When we got in touch with him, he was also recording a song with Tickie Tah. We cannot wait to hear it.

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