HIT Awards Returns, 2016 Nominations Ongoing: See How To Do So. #HITAwards2016

Last year after the inaugural HIT Awards 2015, we blogged out thoughts on whether the well-produced event was the much needed savior of the Gospel music industry. Well, the mission has not changed, HIT Awards were created to celebrate those who are triumphantly impacting the seven spheres of influence.

Here is a press release from the HIT Awards team.

The HIT Awards 2016 are slated for Friday 8th of July 2016. Following the previous awards held on 31st July 2016, the event this year is poised to be bigger and better with new categories and ending in a surprise epic show down concert. The awards will be in 2 phases just like last year with the people’s choice awards and the honorary awards. As of 9th May 2016 nominations for the people’s choice awards segment are underway.


HIT Awards 2016 Nominations Ongoing.

HIT Awards 2016 Nominations Ongoing.

The criteria is simple, nominate someone who has excelled in a sphere of life because of their Christian values and work ethic based on those values as per the award categories. The people’s choice section of the awards categories are as follows


– Artiste of the year (male & female)

– DJ of the year

– Fashion Designer of the year

– TV personality of the year

– Radio Personality of the year

– Photographer of the year

– Videographer of the year


To nominate the individual of your choice, type the category followed by their name then end with #hitawards2016. Post this on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

For example, Artist of the year 2016, Benjamin #hitawards2016


Honorary Award categories are as follows;

– Youth Minister of the year

– Philanthropic project of the year

– Charismatic leader of the year

– Professional personality of the year

– Business/Entrepreneur of the year

– Sports personality of the year

– Family Inspiration Award

– Education Inspiration Award

– Lifetime Achievement Award


A general call for suggestions on who should be honored has been made although the ultimate choice shall be made by the HIT Awards Academy.



Karen Kimuli | CEO HIT Awards Uganda


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