One On One: Dezmond [Able 4 Member] Outs “Not Ashamed” Single with Xabu Vocalist Tonya & Brian Love

With each person, there are seasons of life and journeys to continue or begin. Bagenda Dezmond K (BDK) has been a member of Able 4 since it’s inception. We had a one on one with him and asked about his experience with Able 4. His reaction was, “Wow!” He appeared to be extremely happy while drawing from memories they have had together so far. He said, “It’s an amazing experience. It started with me leaving my school to go to their (the other members of Able 4’s) school and, practicing for up to three days at times. Now these are things my family members will read and be like “okay!”” Able 4 were taken in and mentored by First Love. At the time they were secular artists. Together, they became what he described as ‘studio rats.’ He continued to tell us that they had highs and lows but they had each other’s backs and still do. “It’s been lovely, generally I can’t trade this experience for anything else.”

Dezmond who is mostly known as Emma BDK on social media has rebranded to Dezmond. When asked whether this rebrand to Dezmond, and new single meant an exit to Able 4, he was quick to say, “No, it is not an exit.” In fact, he confirmed to us that Able 4 is currently working on the last piece of music for their fresh new album. “I should say, for me it’s not about me or the group. It’s more about what God’s calling is. I am a man on a mission and this new step is God-planned. I am still an integral part of ABLE 4.” Well, you heard it from the horse’s mouth. We will keep you updated on this soon-to-be-released album and music from the dynamic group. Dezmond says, “Nothing much has changed for the group and I can’t say it won’t or it will but there is definitely a lot changing on my side.”


Since Dezmond had opened our eyes to what God is doing in his life, it was time he told us a bit more about this new direction God is calling him to and the new single. Here, we would love to quote him verbatim. He responded, “Well it’s more of a vision I had in 2012 titled Perfect World, which is a huge project. And after telling a few friends about it, there was a great response but the questions I asked myself showed me that I had not matured enough to be able to take it on. I made my notes but taking off was still difficult. So after 2yrs I thanked God for it and told Him to stop bothering me with something too big for me. This (2016) year He has matured me to starting small and how to start. Since music is a program of this project, it’s going to kick start this journey.”

About the new single itself, Dezmond said that the song titled, Not Ashamed is not the first one he wrote off this album but it somehow bypassed 3 others. In fact, he had vivid memories of when it was written. It was one Sunday morning in December – 26th to be exact. “I had just started piano lessons with Walter Wa (of Emiziki Studios) at the time. So, I wrote the song and rushed to the studio and started working on a demo.” This demo was sent through Whatsapp to Richie, one of the Able 4 lead singers who liked it. The following day, a Monday morning he was in studio laying down the track.

Audio: Dezmond – Not Ashamed ft Brian Love & Tonya.

During the multiple times Dezmond listened to the song, he felt like muting his own vocals because he admitted to not enjoying it and needed to get someone who would do a better job. One morning, Dezmond says he called up his friend and singer Brian Love to come and sing a chorus if he loved the track. That day, they recorded the hook. Still, as time went by, Dezmond felt the need to have a female vocalist on the track. Tonya, a member of the all-girl group Xabu (which has since produced independent musicians like Airtel Trace Music star Sandra Suubi), was the next best thing that happened to Not Ashamed single.

As a child with a lot to learn, Dezmond loved playing soccer, music, dance and drama. The drama is something he did secretly by himself because he felt it was something engraved in his soul but needed defining. He could not define the feeling drama gave him. He went to kitante primary school, where he left with the love of basketball. Thereafter, he joined Kako Senior Secondary school where he was a part of the basketball team. Here, he was also a part of the drama team but confessed to being rather shy so basketball kept him busy on the court. Later on, he joined Light High, a Seventh Day Adventist school where he first came face to face with his songwriting skills. Dezmond said, “During this period I learn’t a lot about what I really loved, music and as time went by, I used to leave school and meet up with Richie and Nathan who who introduced to me by Eric and together we started Able 4.”

So, what exactly is Dezmond passionate about? What does he love to do on the daily? What drives him? To these questions he said, “I am a God-fearing person who really loves music. Recently, I am trying to make reading a part of me. I love seeing people, both young and old grow and mature in purpose and not just in material possessions. Also, I really love the kids we work with at Hope 4 Kids International and Smile Africa. These are all in Tororo. In addition to this, I a father to a one Kyle Jeremiah who I love dearly. Anything else is best described by the people around me.”

Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you Dezmond the newest entrant to the Gospel music as a solo act and still a bona-fide member of Able 4.



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