The Take On Religion After A Blog Post, Saturday Talk Chat, Radio & TV Discussions.

Article by Esther Mirembe Astar

There are countless ways in which social media is influencing our world but for those actively using the Twitter platform; we can unanimously agree that influence on there is redefined. Which is why there is the #SaturdayTalkUg, hosted by @UgGospelLife and as you would expect, this debate on religion walked the stweets (Twitter streets) this Saturday. I guess it is not overrated when they say,

“Art cannot change the world, but it can contribute to changing the consciousness and drives of men and women who could change the world.” –Herbert Marcuse

since this was brought up by a song. Yes, a song. (Side note: No, you don’t have to be of a particular pedigree to change the world. It can actually be that simple.) But I am not here to tell you how you can change the world, I’ll just take us through the reactions to the questions raised or answered by the song from the tweeps who participated. Call it a follow-up.

On the question of whether all religions are equal, one said that no one should be judged based on their religion. It should be noted that he was well aware that he was not answering the question but that sure is something to consider. Now I did not promise answers only, and for intuitive people sometimes answering questions with questions makes more sense. So about the difference between religion and spirituality, a question to which I like to think everyone shied away from was “Could religion be man-made spirituality?” Of course there is the popular opinion that religion is all do’s and don’ts while spirituality is an intimate relationship between God and man.


But the one that tickled my mind the most is, if Jesus prayed for His church to be one why is it that the gap between Christians is ever widening? To which there was an equally intriguing answer suggesting that individual ‘sects’(I use this very cautiously) think they are right and the rest are wrong. The ‘my church is better than yours’ syndrome as it was so aptly put. (As if instagram, you know how you have to have better friends and cooler everything on your captions? Anyway, trivial thoughts of mine those ones.) In the same vein, doctrines that teach allegiance to institutions instead of Christ were mentioned.

Some argue when asked about religion that they are simply born again Christians. It came into question whether this being ‘born again’ has also turned into the very thing it sought to turn away from.

As much as I would want to stretch this on, I will not because you probably listened to Beat Street hosted by DJ Twonjex on Power FM or watched NTV GXP where this was still a topic of discussion.
In case you are wondering, the song is ‘Religion by Da’Truth which he worked on with Christian apologist Ravi Zacharias, the first single off his It’s Complicated album. If you are one interested in extensive reading on the subject, works by Ravi Zacharias make for a good place to start. Do join us for engaging tweet chats every Saturday while we share and learn from each other.


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