Kenya’s DJ Priesty In Uganda. We Have An Exclusive Feature.

Thursday the 24th of March, Kenya’s DJ Priesty sets foot in Uganda for a youth camp organised by the International Greater Blessings ministry. It is dubbed Destiny Camp and will feature among others, ministers like Pastor George Jabulani at Kavumba Recreation Centre. The camp takes place from the 24th to the 28th of March. When we got wind of this information, we took it upon ourselves to get in touch with DJ Priesty for an exclusive chat for a feature here.

Born Denis Maina, DJ Priesty was raised in Thika where he is currently based. DJ Priesty  is a sound engineer under Xhoodz Entertainment where he is the CEO and founder. Xhoodz, according to our discovery is a fully fledged entertainment unit running a  DJ academy, recording studio, and event  production as a company.

We asked him whether his name DJ Priesty was inspired by his childhood desire to be a priest. To this he laughed at us hysterically and said, “When I was looking for a stage name it was really difficult on my side and I had to pray and God directed me to 1st peter 2.9.. that’s where the name Dj Priesty comes from.” Well, that was enough to put our curiosity to rest. He will be in Uganda for the second time. We missed him last December when he went to Gulu, still for a mission. At this point, we have to say shame upon you if you have not visited Gulu because DJ Priesty from Kenya beat you to it.


His involvement in Deejay-ing professionally happened starting in 2004 but don’t be deceived, DJ Priesty who has been a DJ with a kenyan national  radio station called KBC, did not have smooth sail in life. His tenacity and drive has led him to Head 2 Head dance battles, Aflame mission team missions, NPN school missions to mention but a few.

We asked him about his childhood and family background. Dj Priesty grew up in what he described as a humble background with his mother, father, two brothers and a sister. He is a pastor’s kid. Unlike many DJs, Priesty is also an instrumentalist. He said, “I started playing the keyboard at the age of nine. I used to play where my dad ministers and also was in the sound department from a very young age. I have grown having a passion for music and early in my teenage years is when I started developing interest in djeeing. After pursuing my o-levels, life was very hard.. all my friends were getting enrolled to colleges and universities but due to my family financial position I was not able to join one… I started working somewhere and using the little funds I could get I paid in installments for my dj classes.”

DJ Priesty says that, whereas other students had 2 hours of training, he merely managed to be available for not more than 1 hour because of his work schedule. He spared his lunchtime for DJ-ing classes. “Thank God.. I finished and started having small church gigs within my town and now today we have Dj Priesty.”

It is true that everyone has a story, a testimony to share and this one by Denis Maina should inspire you. DJ Priesty says that what kept him passionate about DJ-ing even in those trying times was his love for  evangelism through djeeing which kept him attracted to the art. He says, “I used to listen  to Christian DJs and I loved the way they used to play music and reach to the young people.” DJ Priesty listened to DJ Moz,  and DJ Soxxy from Kubamba.


Considering that DJ Priesty told us that his Ugandan music playlist which has only Holy Keane, Coopy Bly, Ambassada and Exodus needs to be updated, we hope to connect him to some of our favorite DJs for music exchange and so much more.

Welcome to Uganda, Mr Denis Maina aka DJ Priesty.

Find him on
Facebook -DJ Priesty
Instagram – @djpriesty
Twitter – @djpriesty


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