Touching: How Melanie [Formerly Of Sanyu Fm] Mentored Isabelle Masozera.

Titled, “Why Be Your Own? – Ladies For Other Ladies!” Isabelle Masozera shared a touching story about how she met Melanie Kaita who mentored her. She shared throwback pictures, one of herself and the other of Melanie in her days at Sanyu Fm radio staio. From the post, what we gathered, the CEO of Easy Creations (operating in Uganda) and Legacy Brands (in Rwanda) joined journalism when she was in her early twenties.

“At 21 years of age, I did not know that my life was about to change for the better. It all started when I met an amazing lady called Melanie Kaita who was working at Sanyu Fm at the time hosting the morning show with James Onen or one who you all know as Fat Boy. I needed a guide and in Melanie I found one. She told me that she believed in me and being the best female radio host at the time, her encouraging words left me feeling unstoppable. In that moment, I felt I could do anything.


While I was in my moment of destiny, Melanie took it a step farther by introducing me to her friend Mr Anguzu Keita the marketing manager for Uganda’s exclusive country music station, 92.7 Fm. Keita was also responsible for outsourcing talent. He immediately recognized my potential and gave me a shot at Radio. I am who I am because of these two incredible people.”

We thought this story is so inspiring and decided to share with you. Talking about her first days of 92.7 Bob Fm, she said, “When I went to bob, I quickly caught on. Melanie made sure that she sent me to a place suitable to me and what I loved. It was no secret to her that I loved country music and she sent me to a country music station. Most mentors will try to make you what they think is right – mainstream radio, but to her what I wanted is what she guided me to. She made it work.”


She further added that, as a girl, Melanie was her ‘shero.’ Isabelle L. Masozera wanted to be just like Melanie. It seems after that good will and love as well as mentorship was given to her out of the abundance of the heart, Isabelle desires to do the same for other ladies. “I want to make sure I create a platform to have more people like Melanie to mentor many more young girls to live their dreams just like me. I was fortunate to find my mentor.”

The PR practitioner urged ladies to work together and stop fighting against each other, gossiping, backstabbing one another while the men play golf, watch soccer together, meet for drinks and tip each-other off on new opportunities. She concluded her message saying, “Maybe we should learn from them and empower each other, cheer one another on and open doors we can for fellow women.”

This is particularly interesting to see happening at a time when Be Your Own Mentorship Program campaign run by Easy Creations in partnership with Ug Gospel Life platform is in full gear with the actual mentorship phase. Follow us for updates. We are happy to have stumbled upon this story and also to be able to lend a hand whenever we can.



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