Thought-provoking: Da TRUTH Releases Religion Video [It’s Complicated Album]

Article By Esther Mirembe Astar

“Wouldn’t the world be a more peaceful place without religion?”

“I’m I a Christian because I really believe it or because that’s what I’ve been taught to believe?”

“What’s the difference between religion and spirituality?”

“Are all religions equal?”

These are questions that make Christian folk extremely uncomfortable and for most would rather not engage in such discussion. But Da’ Truth is really living up to his name, isn’t he? With his first official single off the “It’s Complicated” album, he gets down and dirty with the gospel and you can hear his heart on the album. This song calls to memory two songs: “Forgive me for Asking” by my personal favorite, Propaganda and “Losing My Religion” by Kirk Franklin.


As much as I intended to write this without throwing in my personal opinions since they are still “under construction” to borrow someone’s tag line, allow me say that I personally believe in one finding answers to questions on their own after deep soul searching and very personal encounters. (Disclaimer: I am not talking visions and all, even though that would be a beautiful thing.)

So Da’ Truth, a lot like me or most of us, is born into what you would call a “religious” family. You somehow “find yourself” living the way you see Christians live because that seems the acceptable way. He calls this faith that has been assumed. And then one day you wake up and wonder if you ever had a choice in all this. One day you wonder if what you fill in under the ‘religion’ blank on those official documents is the truth. This is the part that makes me think about that Propaganda song. If you say you’ve never thought about that, you’re lying. This is when you stop “scratching the surface” as Da’ Truth puts it, and decide to look for your own truth because:

“The truth is the truth whether we believe it or not.”

I must warn you though, this song/topic is not something you should get into if you hold your religion so dearly and preach the gospel of being a Catholic or Pentecostal or whatever it is so fervently. This is because it will make you question your beliefs while at the same time strengthen them. No, you also won’t understand what I am saying if you don’t listen to it. It all depends on how safe you’re willing to play it. For example, if you like to maintain world peace by saying all religions are ultimately the same, you might not want to hear things like;

“All religions at best are superficially similar but they are fundamentally different.”

Heart Beat was a good album, but I have to admit It’s Complicated is Da’ Truth getting out of his comfort zone, and trying to vitalize the message of Jesus Is For Everybody(J.I.F.E) and that you have a Bible. It’s not a Sunday accessory, or like we would say now, a Sunday app. Yes, go to church and listen to your pastors, reverends and bishops but there is the Holy Spirit to be your teacher too. Look for answers in your Bible. And when you find them, because when you seek you surely find,(or if you have found them) do share. And one more thing to shock you into listening to this song:
“Christianity isn’t the same as who Christ is…” you want to know how that ends now, don’t you?


Religion – Da TRUTH Music Video


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