The Church And Politics: Pastor Joel Osteen Under Fire, Denies Endorsing Donald Trump.

Some people consider the separation of the church and the state vital especially because politics is often referred to as a dirty game. What has now been referred to as merely a rumour and miscommunication had led to an outburst on Social Media platforms with people airing their views in disgust to such an endorsement. What will surprise you however, is the fact that this ‘endorsement’ was merely a passive comment that the Lakewood Church pastor made during a book launch almost six months ago.

It is reported that, while promoting his book, The Power Of I Am, Joel Osteen referred to Donald Trump as a friend and a good man who had supported his Ministry. has gone ahead to make a mention of pop televangelist like Gloria and Kenneth Copeland, Mike Murdock who endorsed Donald Trump saying, he (Trump) has a worrier spirit, and Paula White is reported to have prayed that no weapon formed against the controversial presidential candidate will prosper.


Pastor Joel Osteen and Lakewood Deny Endorsing Donald Trump.

What we have gathered suggests that Joel Osteen has denied supporting any presidential candidate in a statement released by Lakewood Church, saying “Contrary to the misinformation making the rounds on social media, Pastor Joel Osteen has not endorsed any candidate for President of the United States.”

Ever since this statement was released, a good number of Christians have gone ahead to apologize for making rush judgements and uninformed rants on Social media. Others however are not letting it go that easily saying, Pastor Joel Osteen should carefully consider his words.

This backlash comes in at a time when certain ministers in Uganda showed support to the incumbent government in what observers say was neither a free nor fair elections. The question we ask ourselves is this, should a minister get entangled in politics (as in Uganda’s case) or they should focus on extending the reach of God’s Kingdom. If in support of the role of church ministers in politics, how should they go about it?


One response to “The Church And Politics: Pastor Joel Osteen Under Fire, Denies Endorsing Donald Trump.

  1. This a very good question at the end, I would love to answer but hey, I don’t want to start up a debate here, or late maybe quoted in an article for what I said here. . .

    but thing is that a good question and I would love to read some responses!


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