Brian Lubega Is Searching For New Album Title After Nnungamya – Help Him

Brian Lubega’s vision is so clear. He doesn’t need to tell it first. Everyone subconsciously knows that he is set to change the face of worship music. He stated during his maiden major concert at Power Fm Presents Brian Lubega that he got to a point when he was tired of every song of worship and praise to God being in a foreign language. The singer who is popular for his Nnungamya breakaway hit single declared that he did not even know what it meant for a song to be a hit.

It is 2016 and Brian Lubega just released Wakitiibwa an equally amazing song. He had told us earlier that he was working on an album. We suspect that settling into marriage life as a newly wed led to this slow but necessary wait for the new album. There’s already enough nice music he has released from the album and that is why he is seeking your help in finding an album title.


This is what he said in a Facebook post,

“Give a name to this album using the list  of songs below. Your feed back will be of a great help. Thanks
3.Ndi wuwe
5.tankwatibwa nsonyi
7.Njayanira Gwe

If people’s comments and our survey is anything to go by, Wegukubira should be the title for his new album. Of course since Wakitiibwa is still fresh in people’s minds, a good number are suggesting that that should be the album title track. Assanide is another good possible name. Whatever the case may be, we are sure that this album has enough music to last at least a year or two.

We are also waiting for the announcement. What do you think should be the album title?


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