UK Unsigned Premier Gospel Features Samantha Ocero, Describes Her Voice As Incredible.

Samantha Ocero is one of those rising artistes in Uganda who we constantly say is showing great promise. Her music makes it to the list of that which can play anywhere in the world. If you did not believe us before, we thought it wise to bring you a report of her feature on Unsigned Show with Loretta Andrews.

The Premier Gospel radio show in the UK hosts relatively less known artistes and musicians some of whom go on to be signed on to major record labels. The show starts with playing music from some of the artistes the show has given a platform.

Samantha Ocero’s music was featured as the ‘track of the week.’ The story told by the Unsigned Premier Gospel show host is that she received an email from Dr Andrew Ocero who is a medical doctor from Uganda in the UK doing the third and final year of his PHD at Liverpool, School of Tropical Medicine. Dr Andrew who is Samantha Ocero’s father sent an email and explained that he listens to the Unsigned gospel show often.


After Dr Andrew listened to one of the artistes featured on the show, he thought it wise to send links to his 20 year old daughter’s music. “I hate to disappoint parents who for obvious reasons can sometimes be a little biased and subjective about their offspring’s talent.” Loretta Andrews added that when she listened to Samantha’s music (produced in Uganda, East Africa), she was more than impressed. “Samantha has incredible, strong voice with catchy melodies in her songs and they are well produced too.” Because of those reasons, the Unsigned Premier Gospel show host and producer says she had no hesitation whatsoever to feature the music on the show.

During the show, it was revealed to the listeners that Samantha Ocero is still at the University at the moment, a leader in the youth group at Watoto Church where she serves too. Samantha started singing at a young age – nothing professional, but started recording her work four years ago while she was still studying. She is a spoken word poet and has performed both skills on local TV and high profile events including the 2015 HIT Awards.

With excitement, the show host introduced Samantha’s Something New single which not new to ardent Gospel music lovers in Kampala. The song was featured for the first time. Loretta Andrews hopes that Samantha will soon travel to the UK for a proper interview. This is very exciting news.

Find the audio below.

Meanwhile, our writer got in touch with Samantha to chat about her feature. She said, “I feel happy that my work is being appreciated not only in Uganda but outside which is what I have been working towards.”  She added that, the Ugandan music industry is still not very receptive towards genres such as rock. “So I’m glad that the countries that do really appreciate such genres have found my music enjoyable.”

Thank us later for ensuring you never miss a thing.



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