Where Are These Five Artistes?

We saw a song playlist that featured one of these Uganda Gospel artistes/musicians then we asked ourselves where these artistes are. By sharing this, we calling out to them. Hopefully they will make an return or make an appearance soon.

Number one is Strait Eloquent.
Yes. You know, right? Strait Eloquent was showing much progress with nominations in awards under the hip-hop and rap categories and singles making rounds on radio and television. It seems that he all of a sudden went silent. We do hope you read this and make a return soon.


Katalina Mezu
Right after her Destiny song produced and mastered by genius producer D – King, Katalina travelled to Zambia, promised us new music with some of those Zambian musicians you all love and then went silent. We have seen a number of people wonder where she is on social media. Of course, we are waiting for her to return soon in her own single. She also featured on Coopy Bly’s Kilo song.


Number 3 is Beth Mugisha
News reaching us early this year suggested that the Yesu Nkufeelinga, Future Yange and Ali Nange singer is set to have a comeback. Ever since her ongoing sabbatical, we haven’t found a replacement for her. Beth Mugisha is one female Gospel singer who was giving her male counterparts a run for their money. Her beats were hard-hitting and her vocals were top-notch. Her music was easy-to-use. Easy to singalong! Uplifting. In due season, we pray she returns.


C – Flow
Another Hip-hop artiste has made it to our short list of five. He is a standalone act but brother to S4J who has taken a break from music and is spearheading a thriving Tv productions house, Kunta Pictures. Perhaps this number 4 spot should be co-shared between the two brothers. Maybe their comeback should even have a collaboration between the two. One of the last songs they did was a tribute collaboration for Mac Elvis. There’s no doubt the two were a good addition to out playlist.


You must be nodding in agreement. He was one of the pioneer members of G. E. A. R entertainment under the leadership of Exodus. He since moved to out of the country. We hope to find his new music if any exists.

Add a list of some of the artistes who are silent and you hope for their return.


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