Hip-hop Breaking Walls With Wrong Number Audio – Lyrical Mycheal (FKA Lyll Mykk)

When that beat drops, our minds went straight to Joyful Noise (Lecrae & Flame). The two songs don’t sound exactly the same but they are both the typical Hip-hop rap bangers. The hook will arrest you properly. The guy you hear murdering that hook is Roger Kent. The intro will remind you that Roy K studios are doing a great job in the industry. Also, for some reason, we took a while to finally listen to this one. Our thoughts on the lyrics are coming up below.

Imagine making a call to an ‘old’ friend to talk about the life you used to live and then they tell you, “Sorry, you must have called the wrong number. The person you are talk about died a long time ago after receiving Jesus Christ. The one you are speaking to is a new creation.” That is the entire message in the song.

Uganda's Love Is Enough Hip Hop Artiste Lyll Mykk Graced.

Uganda’s Love Is Enough Hip Hop Artiste Lyll Mykk.

Lyrical Mycheal FKA Lyll Mykk in a statement to us stated, that “Every chain and everything that was apart of my old nature including lust, natural pride, love of sin, reliance on works, former opinions, habits and passions, most significantly what I loved especially the supreme love of self and with it self righteousness, self promotion and self justification died and were nailed with Him on the cross.”

Don’t you just want to say a “Hallelujah” after reading the message. The line that got us is when he said, (translation) “in our search for satisfaction, we got more hunger.” When sin calls, Lyrical Mycheal (FKA Lyll Mykk) won’t be picking. Of course this song is a good gift to the Hip-hop and rap fraternity. We have been looking for music that blends the traditional genre quality with something that Uganda can relate to. With no doubt, the beat, lyrics and message is one that a lot of youth and Christians in general can relate to.

Thumbs up! We will be expecting a lot from the More Than Enough Gospel singer.


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