Candles Burn Out For VIGA Awards Winner New Testament, Artistes Respond (R. I. P)


New Testament Picture Shared By Rapper C - Flow

VIGA Awards Hip-hop artiste of the year who was crowned in January has passed on. This news has left many so sad. The Kitonde Kiggya and Virtuous Woman Lugaflow rapper was said to have been involved in an accident that claimed his life. He has gone too soon. DJ Rayne of Spirit Fm has featured a Mixtape on The drive in his memory. Here are some messages from your Christian artistes and personalities.

Ruyonga shared

Rest in Peace Bro. Confused, you had such a heart, a passion for Christ, and a humility, but we trust God’s choices. We were supposed to meet and have that convo soon, we still shall, in a cooler, muuuuch fancier place … New Testament


C – Flow shared

R.I.P my brother new testament.mukama omwoyo gwo aguwumuze mirembe.kibi nyo kibi ndaala.

“obunde bwakya nebukeera ela nga bulinjo
mu kunywolwa okunji nokusiriika twalowoza nyo”

Robinsan posted

Gone too soon New Testament. Your soul rest in peace



Muro Ronald a fellow rapper shared
“Gone so soon New Testament,will miss you.
Fm J’s radio host popularly known as Paul Selah shared, “Woke up to sad news. A fellow soldier in the army gone. New Testament, one really deep artiste I met. Thanks for the good work and ministry. We celebrate your life! #KitondeKijja.”

We here at Ug Gospel Life say, May his soul rest in eternal peace.

Watch some of his music videos below.

Virtuous Woman – New Testament

Ekitonde Kiggya – New Testament

Musalaba – New Testament

Here is all the music he published online.


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