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Sami-K Doing What He Does Best and That Is, Minister

Today’s conversation: Samuel Kiggundu who you might know only as Sami-K. It’s hard to find a gospel music enthusiast not familiar with that name. I am one, though recently I only knew the name. Where had Minista Sami, also a pastor, a husband, father and worship leader all in no specific order disappeared to? Turns out he took a sabbatical and boy, haven’t we been blessed by the outcome!
I’m probably rushing you so let me take you through, just to reacquaint yourself with the Journey Man.

You won’t believe it! I was shocked to learn Minista Sami started out in 1999(probably because my little head didn’t know so much by then). He is a gospel music veteran this one. He has four albums to his name: Rhythm & Praise(2005), Journey Man(2007) the one that earned him the name, Unconditional/Full Hundred(2010) and Words of a Minista(2013).

After such a long time in the ministry during which he has shared a stage with the world’s most acclaimed Christian singers like Cece Winans, Donnie McClurkin, Kirk Franklin, Richard Smallwood, Allen & Allen, Deitrick Haddon, Javen, Sherwin Gardner…he intimated some wise words for gospel artistes and to quote directly: “We need to be fully immersed into our craft and stop wanting to compete with the main stream and copy everything they do. We need to be in touch with what God is doing in the season. That way our message is relevant, edifying and not just entertainment. Also we need to stop singing over our songs and put in time to polish our skill and perform with bands.”

It is evident that his is not just a show, but ministry. He started out with one of the best groups in East Africa at the time; Sauti which also had Exodus. If you remember these guys, I think a twitter hashtag for them to do one last project together would be appropriate. Or maybe now that it’s the lent period, include it on your prayer list.

He has clearly seen it all and is mentoring some big names in the industry like Levixone and Robin San. He also mentored Mac Elvis(RIP). Clearly, this is a special calling. Again, he offered his thoughts on why the gospel music industry is not ‘there’ just as yet. To tell you in reported speech would be to dilute his message so quoting directly: “Pride, self-exaltation which has killed the unity among the artistes and competition. We forget we are on the same team (Team Jesus) and we bad mouth others and down play and disrespect them. If we work as a team each supporting the other, we will all get to the masses where God wants us. We are on the hunt for gigs, hits while neglecting the call to minister and win souls (the great commission). I never see the fingers on a hand fighting each other. They work together to be able to write, feed you or hold something.” He also offered insight on why the industry is dominated by the XY. He thinks the female counterparts need to be fighters and hang in there, not give up too soon.

He obviously left us only nodding in agreement…but that’s not all. This is when I drop it like it’s hot (because it is).

The Minista is dropping a new album this Valentine’s Day! Don’t ask me how, or where. Keep your eyes open. You don’t want to miss this…especially now that he took sabbatical (If you Google that, this should excite you).

Author: @subtle_royalty


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