Music With A Purpose: Sandra Suubi ft Allan Tonix and Exodus In Together We Can.


Forget the fact that this song has Airtel written allover it. But, if you do, you will be taking away a lot from the song seeing as it was inspired by the Airtel campaign, Together We Can which is also the title of the song. This is a really good song, and nothing will take away that fact. Sandra Suubi featured Allan Tonix and Exodus who has been a bit silent, especially with regard to releasing of new music.


Together We Can was produced by Buddies together with D King. It is perhaps the reason why when you listen to the captivating song beats, you will want to have it on repeat. Sandra Suubi the African vocal powerhouse as some have called her takes the lead when a children’s choir opens up the song. She soars through with ease. Her vocals are no doubt among the best. We think this is obvious but are stating this fact just in case some of you haven’t experienced her magic.


Allan Tonix comes in on the second verse, whereas Exodus does the final one. The ad-lib in the song deserves a mention here. Whoever was in charge of the costumes did well to give the Artistes a good look that blends well throughout the music video. It was well shot. That’s about all we will say not. Watch the music video here and leave a comment.

Music Video

Here is a previous interaction with Sandra Suubi. Click Here.


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