Multi Praises For Solome Basuuta’s Met A Man Music Video.


Solome Basuuta During Met A Man Music Video Shoot

Solome Basuuta is a Ugandan Gospel singer/Songwriter. We have to emphasize her nationality because she is one of the few who sings well in English and blends it with Luganda. A few weeks back when we were informed of the video release for Met A Man single off of her The Song Love album which was successfully released last year, we were excited. Our excitement escalated during a passive chat with a Tv producer who gave it 100 percent approval upon pre-release viewing. We shared about its release endlessly.

As we speak, or rather write, the song has premiered on NTV The Beat with Douglas Lwanga and a quick perusal of comments on Social media under the hashtag #SolomeMetAMan, reveals praise upon praise. Of course previous posts under the same hashtag were full of people wondering whether Solome Basuuta had met a man. The answer is yes. In the music video she meets a man in her mind/heart, talks to this imaginary man much to the surprise of a waitress who looks on in utter shock.

When Solome Basuuta released a video teaser on YouTube, she talked of getting back into her acting mode. The extremely expressive and passionate singer who has an army of soldiers (called #TeamWalala) really embraced the story in the music video. She is seen composing the song in her room, walking through a boutique, meeting the invisible man – believe us, it is all there.

Music Video: Met A Man – Solome Basuuta

We were all smiles after watching. The climax of the Met A Man Music video is towards the end when the dancers bring on their best moves. Solome Basuuta was all smiles in this music video too and became the typical girl-in-love.

Concerning the song itself, Solome Basuuta told us, “This is a song about a lady in the bible who met a man at the well and this man knew everything about her down to all the men in her life who weren’t her husbands, and yet he still drew her into a relationship of true meaning with HIM, a relationship of TRUE LOVE.”

The Met A Man music video shoot took 2 days. Solome says, “It was an adventure, running from one venue to another. Getting back into my acting roots was something I truly enjoyed since I hadn’t done that for years – learning to still deliver on the love story even through our acting was something interesting. Learning to keep calm even when things around the shoot seem crazy, the dress code changed quite a number of times and that was an experience. I was truly thankful for the great crew that we had which was on point and out in their whole and they very lively on set which helped loads.”


Solome with Douglas Lwanga of NTV The Beat and Selector Jay during Met A Man premiere. (Pic via Solome)

Aren’t you glad Solome Basuuta and her crew went through all this trouble? With such a world-class video the sky is not even the limit. We are so proud to present to you Met A Man music video which has rekindled our love for the song. Job well done.

The music video is proudly Brough to you by Wapaaki Entertainment and Chano8. It was shot by Jim Reel and Sanyuka Films.


5 responses to “Multi Praises For Solome Basuuta’s Met A Man Music Video.

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  2. I’ve been biding my time and have finally watched it for the first time – and it’s a good thing I sat myself down and prepared my soul to receive this. I am still tingling too much with the excitement of the music the vividness of the video and the pride bursting through my heart that this is being done right here in Uganda! God bless you, young lady!


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