Gospel Singer Hawa Musa Almost Shows Us Her Fiancé And Leaves Many Anticipating The Unveiling


There’s a joke that our pastors say at church every time they introduce couples intending to get married as the law requires. They say, “If you had hidden intentions for any of these two parties, you are too late.” They say this to imply that the two are moving forward in life and marriage is their next step. Now, we get to be the ‘pastor’ and say, Gospel Singer Hawa Musa has promised to reveal his soon to be husband. This she revealed on Facebook in a post captioned, “I just can’t wait to unveil the love of my life.The Lord is so faithful!!!!!!!”

Considering we wish to leave you all with some hope, if by any luck The Lord may have revealed to you thats she is to be your wife. It is possible that right now, the love of her life is only but her best friend. Also, until this revelation is made, there’s hope for you.


Seriously though, we too cannot wait for this revelation of the love of Hawa Musa’s life. In fact, we are not alone since some have commented with a prayer that The Lord should somehow show us the face of the man in the picture. Others have gone ahead to congratulate her and others have declared that this is Hawa Musa’s season. A one, Mukasa Brian commented that he does not pray for a big wedding ceremony because that is merely one day, but a successful marriage life.

Following the footsteps of one of those who commented on this story, Maaso Ku Lutimbe (Luganda for, keep your eyes on the screen). Keep your eyes on our timeline on Social Media and here at our blog because we can’t wait to see how this unfolds.

We also join everyone in giving a congratulatory message.


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