There’s A Surprise In Reborn Status’ “I Surender” Music Video.


“Whatever satisfies me and doesn’t please you, Lord a pray come and take it away. Take it away.” That is the beginning line of ‘I Surrender’ song by Reborn Status and Sandra Awilli. The song has become popular among Gospel music lovers and, in addition to this one, they released, ‘Not The Same’ together. Towards the end of 2015 we got credible info that the music video for ‘I surrender’ was in the the works. We couldn’t wait to see what it is like.

After watching the music video, two things are certain. One, you will fall in love with the song afresh. The music video was shot by Nani Artistic. It surely succeeds in making good use of the artiste. If however, you were hoping to find a story with some drama leading to the main actor or actress surrendering at the end after resisting God’s call, you won’t see it.


Secondly, when we did an interview with Reborn Status last year. From our blog post last year,

We inquired whether they (Reborn Status and Sandra Awilli) are a singing duo. He told us that many people have suggested they do a lot more music together. His meeting with Sandra Awilli whose voice blends really well with that of Reborn Status was at Frayo Fellowship. From the first time they met (love at first sight – sorry, forgive us), he knew he wanted to do something with Sandra.

In his own words, “I joined a fellowship named FRAYO FELLOWSHIP and I was immediately introduced to their band as a member. I met this girl with a beautiful voice singing in the same band. I liked it and I shared my idea of doing a song with her which she didn’t allow to slip away. So, I had written I SURRENDER. I called her in studio (Roy K studios) a few days after that meeting and she was very good at it.” He adds, “We never practiced that song together…she just joined me in studio and I was amazed at how fast she caught on.”

So, the ultimate surprise and shock is not seeing Sandra Awilli in the music video. We will leave it here for now.

Watch this music here. Leave us a comment.


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