Say No To Illuminati – Message To Youth At A Bash With DJ Achiever


News of DJ Achiever’s visit to Uganda as the headlining act for the Psalmist Youth Bash at Kawempe Worship Center was received with great excitement. It was therefore no surprise when many youth traveled, for the first time, to the church for a maiden highly advertised show. The event began a few hours after the set beginning time due to the blessing of rain that made the crew move the event indoors. Such is what Kampala weather does.


During the event, the things that stood of for us was, DJ Achiever was a little too comfortable on the ones and twos when mixing and singing as well as dancing to Luganda songs. It was great knowing that our Kenyan brother knows and loves music from Uganda very much. Upon his arrival, he was greeted and welcomed by his Ugandan counterparts including Deejay Awar, DJ Muji, DJ Rayne, among others and we were informed that they did a lot of sharing of notes.

He made an appearance at The Burnout with DJ Awar on Spirit Fm on the Friday show that has fast become the talk of town after shifting from FmJ. He then appeared on Urban Television’s Gospel show, Rapture Ready with Timothy Mugenyi and Deejay Peruz. All of these happened before the show itself.


The Psalmist Youth Bash with DJ Achiever gathered a great number of musicians like Holy Keane Amooti, Coopy Bly, Robinsan, Jremiah, JK Shine and Phila Kaweesa who was at his home church. We also saw Richie Kaweesa,  Kuseim (Producer and artiste), DJ Stef, DJ Hush who took her turn on the ones and twos.


There was a lot of dancing to mixes by DJ Achiever as well as dance performances. Our highlights included the moment when Phila encouraged youth to say, “No” to illuminati in song and when the other major acts performed crowd favorites. Robinsan performed his latest Jangu Nkulage.

We were there to honor our brother DJ Achiever. We are more than sure we gave him the Ugandan love and hospitality that is known world over.


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