State Of The Uganda Gospel Music And DJ Industry Address By Twonjex. {#SaturdayTalkUg}

DJ Twonjex during the #TweetaMix Party at Papali Rooftops

DJ Twonjex during the #TweetaMix Party at Papali Rooftops {Pic Source: Twonjex}

So, we decided to document what took place shortly before DJ Twonjex’s The Uprising TweetaMix party. It is true that many artistes do not know what to do with their audio once it is out of the studio. DJ Twonjex wondered how, if he (like many other DJs and promoters) doesn’t have access to this music, how should he know it exists?

Silently, we had always wondered how it is that some songs make it to the radio rotation and/ DJ playlists. We also wanted to find out if the artiste should just accept that some of their songs are for radio rotations only and not DJ mixes. Twonjex responded this that both ways work. He added that lots of songs he plays never make it to regular rotation on radio. Of course, there is the ongoing debate of genre and what kind of artistes DJs feature in their mixes. The songs that are favorite on his list are based on;

  1. Popularity
  2. Genre
  3. Transitional songs.


We also got a chance to ask Twonjex about his worst experience being a DJ. He recalled a time when he was thrown out of a youth event, because the pastor didn’t like his hair. Surely, that minister didn’t know that God looks at the heart. It is important to note that, the particular incident mentioned happened in Uganda not so long ago. Believe it or not, Twonjex is one of the greatest blessings that energetic Christian youth received. We are particularly proud of the weekly TweetaMix which took over social media. Thumbs up. Much respect on that DJ Twonjex.


About whether DJ-ing is a useful business, he said it is. However, he added that though financially it is still growing there is so much opportunity as a DJ right now. DJ Twonjex has used his talent during school outreach, youth leadership activities like camps and of course events and on his Saturday Beat Street show on Power Fm and GXP on NTV alongside David Ogutu and Carol Flower.


Twonjex wanted to be a mechanic. His journey was different. He says, “Change can’t come from me alone, but rather collective effort from other djs available.” This serves as an encouragement and call for all of them to continue working together. We are yet to see new DJs rising and amassing a huge following like Twonjex and his comrades. We have seen some of those who show great promise but need mentorship. The one new DJ we are really watching from the sidelines is the new female DJ Hush. She’s being mentored by Sulphuric DJs. After her introduction at Mega Mix, she has gone a bit silent but yes, we are patiently waiting for her to bloom. Maybe even fly like a butterfly.


Talking about Gospel music in Uganda and whether it should be described as, greatly improved, promising, still wanting, or unsatisfactory, Twojex says none of the terms best describes the state of the industry. “I think our music is really good. We just luck exposure.” The Uprising was intended to contribute. It did. And of course we suggested that the event should be done more regularly. We hope that our prayer will be answered. No pressure.


DJs should remember that God made them different, each person will have a strong point. Concentrate on your strong points. Also, to keep delivering great music to an audience one must practice, practice and keep on practicing. Those are the lessons we learnt from Twonjex. The other thing to pick from him is his tenacity, consistence and delivering great mixes that have built, expanded and maintained his audience through TweetaMix. We can truly say, Twonjex is more than a DJ. He is a brand. A great one. And that is an honest opinion. Our vision for #SaturdayTalk is to inspire as many people through hosting those we believe are making visible impact or simply taking on a topic and dissecting it. In 2016, Saturday Talk returns in February. Join us when you can every Saturday from 10am to Midday. Also, follow @saturdaytalkug to get updates on the chat or to suggest questions.


We have decided to add a Saturday Talk Ug section on our platform to share articles taken from the chat. We will be doing a recap of some of our favorite conversations.


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