Listen: Gospel musicians need to know basic Bible doctrines – Dr Can John Senyonyi


Have you listened to Gospel songs or songs by Christians and wondered, “Is that even in the Bible?” If you have been careful as a Christian, you may have noticed that a few lines in songs seem not to be biblically correct. For example, you find musicians hurling insults at the devil and yet it is written in Jude 1:9 that, “Yet Michael the archangel, when contending with the devil as he disputed about the body of Moses, dared not bring against him a railing accusation, but said, The Lord rebuke you.”

In some cases, many musicians seem to express pride and self exaltation in their lyrics and music, leaving us the listeners wondering whether it is God or Jesus Christ they are promoting or themselves. There are numerous scriptures to address this and many small incorrect additions or alterations of God’s word as interpreted in song and the life of many musicians.
There has been an ongoing discussion of using Gospel music as a ministry and carefully getting involved in music as an industry and how to strike the balance. Ultimately though, it must be said that, the blind cannot lead the blind. It is written that we should not let anyone despise us because we are youth (young) but rather that we should be an example to the believers (Paraphrase). This is not to say the youth are the biggest culprits in this. The problem is that young or old, some have entered into ministry without any discipleship and many lack a mentor, hence are not guided. The Bible which is supposed to be our source of instructions is ignored. To support these things we are saying, we stumbled upon a quote from a minster in the person of Rev. Can Dr John Senyonyi. He holds a PhD in Mathematical Statistics and a M.A. in Theology and Evangelism and this is what he had to say about Gospel music in Uganda and the musicians.
“Gospel musicians need to know basic Bible doctrines to avoid singing messages that are inconsistent with what the word of God says. Some of what I hear being sung is Biblically incorrect!” Rev Can Dr John Senyonyi
If you are reading this and you are an artiste, please take time to check your lyrics and life to see if it is in line with the truth that is written in God’s word. All our works, including ours as we share messages like this, will be tested by fire. If they stand, and are not consumed, a crown awaits you. If not, you will receive the praise of men but fail to please the one who gave the gift.
Let he who has ears hear what we have said here.
Thanks for reading. Feel free to share.

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