Christians Are Romantic After all: Power Fm’s Brian Nasala Proposes


Forget our title spin that suggests Christians are not that romantic. No harm intended. This is good news. No! This is great news. Power Fm’s Brian Nasala won’t be a Bachelor for long. In fact, he has another reason to celebrate Christmas. He got on his knees and asked Sandra Waldner to be his bride and what she describes as something carefully planned by Brian and his friend. This is what she shared,

“God is good!! This evening my man asked me to marry him and of course I said yes!!! Thanks to my amazing friends for helping him plan this and keeping it a secret for almost a week!! He surprised me with a picnic on a hill overlooking the town. It was absolutely the most beautiful perfect day ever!! Can’t wait to be your wife Brian!!
Their mutual friend Joanna Rist went ahead to confirm the engagement saying, “Longest day ever filled with many cover stories and white lies but it was all worth it because THEY’RE ENGAGED!!! 💍🎉❤️ congratulations Sandra and Brian!!! #SandraGoesBlack #UgandaBeMarried”

Of course Brian himself was overjoyed and joined the two in confirming to Facebook friends and fans who heaped them with praise, congratulations and well wishes. We as Ug Gospel Life were not going to watch from the sidelines. We wish the couple all the best as they prepare for their wedding and marriage life.
Photo credit- Joanna Rist


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