A Sermon Wasn’t Enough: Interview with “Forbid Not Speaking In Tongues” Author.

"Forbid Not Speaking In Tongues" Author Mutaremwa Frank Bushuyu Invites You To the Book Launch.


Speaking in tongues is one of those gifts that if misunderstood, you might ignore. After interviewing a mentor, author and Pastor Mutaremwa Frank Bushuyu, we are more than convinced that after you read this, you may want to reconsider. Being who we are, we were wondering why one Sunday Sermon Wasn’t enough to address this. After the exclusive with Pastor Frank, you too will understand what you stand to miss if you don’t attend his book launch and secure a copy of the book for yourself. The interview was done in two parts. Read it below. 

Part One:
Q1: at what point in your life did you know that you would become an author?
In my University (Makerere University) days a remember writing a article or two but I hadnt yet really seen myself as an author. After University though, I started writing this blog called Voice In The Wilderness. I had to write an article at least every week. This articles went directly to peoples emails as well. They blessed were a blessing to many people. After this I started working on what would have been my first book.

Q2: What would you say shaped you into the author you are?
Two things: Having to write the Voice In The Wilderness Blog, secondly having to be a Pastor which meant I had to many times prepare a message at least every Sunday. I usually found it easy to write down pretty much everything I was going to preach.

Q3: Would you say there is an increase in the hunger for knowledge or no?
Yes, I think there is a big hunger for knowledge, especially among the youth who are no longer content with just laying hands on them and the kiko kitwale gospel. They want something solid, something sure and they want to know the depths of the word of God for themselves.

Q4: You are a mentor and leader! In your many years of leadership and speaking as well as engagement with the youth, what would you say are the issues that affect the youth the most?
This is a good question. There is one thing that I believe is mother to all the other problems we see in the youth identity. Not many youth know themselves who they are in Christ and Gods purpose for their lives. They ask themselves Is there a reason why I was born? What am I here for?. Failure to address these questions clearly births all the problems we see in them drug addiction, sexual vices, rebellion, redundancy, betting and gambling, poor grades etc
Good parenting, education and mentoring must address the identity problem as a priority. Throwing money at this problem will not help, you have to be there for them and guide them to the answers of these all important life questions.

Q5: What would you say to those who have tucked their gift of writing away because of life’s challenges?
I understand first hand that for many writing does not seem to be able to put the proverbial food on the table. I have had my struggles in that regard as well. I will however say, If you have a passion and a gift to write (or any other gift for that matter), just write, just do it! If you dont write and express your God given gift, you will never have that all important fulfillment in life, you will always feel like a failure, however much successful you are in the other ventures you pursue outside your core gift. I am a firm believer in seek ye first the kingdom of God, and all these things (money, food, clothes, houses etc) shall be added. It has never been our role to take care of our own needs. That is Gods role. God just said, to be in alignment with me, with my working in your life, with my calling for your life, with my leadings and the supply will surely find you. We must however be patient and not give up as we grow to see the manifestation of Gods provision in our lives more and more. The path of the righteous (believers) is compared to the sun that rises at dawn and then grows from stage to stage – brighter and brighter, till it is at its brightest and clearest at midday Proverbs 4:18 (My Paraphrase)

Q6: Could you share with us about your previous works?
I have written 4 books so far but published only two, this will be the third. My first published book was entitled The Young and The Rich. It is a book directed at the youth and parents of the youth. The core of this book is Self-Discovery. How can I find my identity, my talent, my gift, my vocation that thing that I should probably spend my life doing. In it is advice for parents that could be struggling with their children. We try to advise them away from the old fashioned you must do what I say or else to a more listening and calm advisory role; hear them out, they actually know what they want.
I have also written a Christian 30-day devotional called The Mirror. This is a devotional that will fire up the readers spiritual life and birth in them a desire to dig into the word of God more and more for revelation.


Part Two:
Q1: When did the writing of your book “Forbid Not Speaking In Tongues” start?
Wowthe process was long, I must say. I received the Holy Spirit and spoke in tongues in my senior 5 (High School), about 20 years ago. It happened at Kampala Pentecostal Church and I believe it must have been Pastor Joshua Mugabi that laid hands on me. Since then, I got a zeal, for the things of God and especially for leading people in the same experience of being filled with Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues. I and a few other zealous brothers at school then took it upon ourselves to pray for many believing students, especially those in senior one to receive the Holy Spirit and speak in tongues. Many spoke in tongues but we also started facing a lot of opposition from the fellowship authorities. For some reason they were not comfortable with it some said it was a gift only for the spiritually mature, that people were speaking demonic tongues and of course it may have also threatened their authority since we were not on the leadership committee of the school fellowship. This caused us to dig deeper into Gods word and answer all these questions that were being asked. So by the time I left High School, I was an authority of sorts on this subject of speaking in tongues. At University I joined a church that promoted the baptism of the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues than no other church I knew. I mean, when you joined this church, any nominal member of this church would ask you, have you received the baptism of the Holy Spirit? Do you speak in tongues? They would then lay hands on you and make sure you spoke in tongues. We did have some problem cases, some people that just seemed to take long to speak but they eventually spoke after our relentless persistence. I also however started to realize that not so many churches were promoting the Speaking in Tongues as we did, some indeed, didnt even want to mention it on their pulpits for one reason or another but mainly, I think, because they didnt want to scare people away from church.
Along the way I also learnt that speaking in tongues is a gateway for the supernatural and miraculous. I can bet to you, a church that does not promote speaking in tongues does not regularly experience the supernatural in their services and personal lives.

I feel, right now urgency in the Spirit for the Body of Christ to experience the supernatural. God is bidding us to walk in the fullness of our divine sonship and to enjoy the abundance and the manifestation of the heavenly gift.

I had started writing this book at some point last year, but I was working on some other books as well and didnt feel any urgency at the time to complete it. At the end of August this year though, I felt a great urgency to write this book and put it out for people to read. I quickly worked on it and it was ready for editing at the beginning of October. There is a message in this book, and it is not just Speaking in Tongues it is more than that. It is experience the fullness of the supernatural; it is move away from the natural life and to enjoy the spiritual or supernatural life, for this is what God has called every child of God into. I believe we are in a time in which we are going to see the Glory of God through and by the church (for it is the Body of Christ) like no other time!

So you can say it is a prophetic book, ushering the Body of Christ into the fullness of their supernatural calling.


Q2: Some people have said that, Speaking in tongues is something that a Christian can do without. They say that since it doesn’t determine whether you go to heaven or not, it is not important. In a few words could you enlighten us!
This is another good question. Now, if the only reason we were born again or became ‘Christians’ (and we have to be careful when we use this word Christian) was to go to heaven, then the best thing that would have happened to us when we got born again was to die, or commit suicide that would have given us a first class ticket to heaven. What I am saying is, there is a reason why we are still on planet earth, and that reason is not to survive, no! The reason why a believer is still on earth is to manifest the glory of God, it is to accomplish the work of the master we are His Body and he still has work to do on earth. Now, to do this work, you need supernatural endowment and empowerment you cannot do it, you need the Holy Spirit to do it through you! Speaking in Tongues keeps you continually filled with the Holy Spirit, it keeps you continually charged so that you are not moving in your own strength but rather the divine strength. For, It is not by power, not by might but by my Spirit saith the Lord. (Zech 4:6)
Q3: What ignited the passion in you to address “Speaking in tongues?”
In a way Church has become another fad, a nice religious and ‘moral’ activity. We go to church because it is part of our weekly schedule or because we have to increase our social network.
Church is not a building, Church is life it is the very embodiment of Christ the anointed one. The Church is powerful and supernatural! It is time we see this being said of the Church (the believer) especially by those that do not believe. I had talked about the word Christian and its use in one of the questions above. The disciples were first called Christians in a place called Antioch. Why? Non-believers were mocking them, because they walked like Christ, behaved like Christ, did miracles like Christ so they called them little Christs. Wow! I wish this would be said of us instead of this generic use of the word Christian and when you ask a person, Are you a Christian? He says, Yes, my parents made sure I was baptized. No, a Christian is the very embodiment and manifestation of the life of God through Christ, and it must manifest in and through him in signs, miracles and wonders!

Q4: What would you say to those professing Christians who think speaking in tongues is weird?
Yes, it is weird. It is weird to the carnal mind or the natural mind. It goes beyond the natural comprehension it is not ‘mathematics’ or ‘history’ that can be grasped by the natural intellect. It is beyond that, it is the language of angels. Now, just because it is weird or cannot be grasped by the human mind does not make it impotent. It is extremely loaded with divine power!

Q5: Paul in 1 Cor 14:4 says he who speaks in tongues edifies himself and in a later verse (28) says that in public, we should speak in tongues only if there is an interpreter. Doesn’t this mean we should not Shanda out loud?
Yes, true. He that speaks in tongues edifies himself. I wish for starters we had many believers edifying or building themselves up even in private. That would be awesome. My small research on preachers that manifest the supernatural in their meetings Benny Hinn, John G Lake, Kathleen Kuhlman, Robert Kayanja etc is that they all spend a good time praying in tongues building up their power bank before they show up at their meetings. Now this is not limited to preachers, any child of God can tap into this tremendous power and manifest it in their area of calling or business. So it is extremely crucial for us to edify or build ourselves up on the most holy faith or ‘the supernatural faith’ by praying in tongues in private.
Now concerning the public use (1 Cor 14:28): If one is ministering to a group of people or congregation, it does not help the congregation or bless them if they speak to them in tongues that they cannot understand. So if one ministered to them in tongues, it would follow that they interpret the tongues or have someone in the congregation interpret the tongues.
There is, however, a public use of tongues that I believe is acceptable, important and valuable and that is when the one is leading the congregation in prayer. Both the one leading and the congregation can speak in tongues. The one leading is not ministering (preaching) to them per se, but praying or leading them in prayer. I actually encourage this type of public use of speaking tongues. I have a number of testimonies of how this public use of tongues has even blessed non-believers that found themselves in the middle of one of those prayer sessions as one of the people praying in tongues, spoke a language that this person could hear, and they heard them glorify God and prophesy in a language they could not naturally speak. In this way this person was totally convinced that surely God is in the midst of these people.

Q6. Could you share some of your personal insights and maybe Nuggets on speaking in tongues?
I dont see any better way of doing this than giving you a few extracts from the book:

Speaking in tongues is one of the most important practices for the New Testament believer. Speaking in tongues is vital if the believer or Church is to maintain its cutting edge in this era in which the world at every second surrounds us with all kinds of ideas, imaginations and philosophies. You watch them on TV, visualize them on instagram, hear them on radio and scroll through them on facebook, twitter and whatsapp and if you keep hearing, you conform. Constantly we are being swamped and confronted by concepts of the world systems which are mostly influenced and governed by the devil. There is a need to keep the God-identity, the mind of Christ, the heavenly perspective. You have to swim against the tide of the fallen world and stand out of the crowd. Very few things do this like speaking in tongues. “
From Chapter 1: Introduction

There is an all-powerful spirit realm in which God resides with His begotten (born-again) Church. The power in this realm created the infinite Universe and magnificence of our Earth. God, who is Spirit, spoke; not from the natural realm but from the spirit realm (for God is a spirit) and all the physical things that we now see, feel, hear, taste and smell sprang forth. Man, who is also a spirit, resides and ought to operate from this realm if he is to manifest the infinite power of his recreated spirit. Jesus, said ALL THINGS are possible to the believing one. He was talking about the recreated man. From Chapter 2: The power of the recreated spirit

Q7. Could you list all the things that anyone who doesn’t come to the book launch or buys the book will miss? 
a) Book Launch
The Book Launch will be a gathering of believers The Church, from diverse congregations and backgrounds. We will hear from some leading voices in this move of the supernatural. Prophet Elvis Mbonye and Bishop Isaiah Mbunga are some of the voices that have confirmed to attend. I believe this is not just a book launch, this is the launch of the #shanda movement which is a move in which the church will experience an increase in supernatural occurrences healings, miracles, supernatural provisions and prosperity, prophesy and many others.
There are some that have not yet experienced being filled with the Holy Spirit and Speaking in tongues. We will be having a special session for people to receive the Spirit and pray in tongues. We will also have a special prophetic session, to bless people by giving them prophetic words in this session. There is more that will happen, and am ready for surprise happenings by the Spirit of God at this book launch.
Finally everyone that attends will get a free book (Forbid Not Speaking in Tongues) and everyone that pays before the launch date, Thursday 10th 2015, will have a free cup of tea and bite from Kati Kati Restaurant.
b) Purchasing book
This book is not just a doctrine or a philosophical write-up. It is a chronology of the experience of the author and better still an ushering of the reader into the very same experience of:
Being filled with the Holy Spirit
Being continually filled with the Holy Spirit
Receiving revelation the word of God released by His Spirit
Experiencing the Supernatural
Prayer Praying by the Spirit (Prayers that God will hear and will definitely answer. NB: there are prayers God does not hear)
Prophesy the most important of the special endowments of supernatural energy also called gifts of the Spirit



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