#TheUprising: When Ugandan DJ Twonjex Gathered #TweetaMix Fans

DJ Twonjex during the #TweetaMix Party at Papali Rooftops

DJ Twonjex during the #TweetaMix Party at Papali Rooftops.

Uganda DJ Twonjex announced his intension to hold a TweetaMix party dubbed ‘The Uprising’ a while back. The party happened on the 27th of November. If you do not know what the weekly mix shared under the hashtag #TweetaMix every Thursday is, then you need to repent. The mix amassed a lot of attention that it was long overdue when the party was announced.

Twonjex stands out as a DJ who is consistently working hard at giving Gospel music fans a great time. Whether that is on his weekly “Beat Street” show on Power Fm, at concert, TweetaMix or The Uprising party, he keeps the mostly urbane youth on their toes to music they have popularised.
At the TweetaMix party, one of Uganda’s most loved DJs, Stef was on the ones and twos as an opening who did more that break the ice. He would later join Twonjex on back-and-forth mixes during or in-between performances. The crowd, mostly ladies kept screaming his name in excitement. We should ask him soon if he is single for their sakes.

While DJ Stef played, Twonjex got behing the turntables and being the main act of the night, this sent the Papali Rooftops crowd in a wild frenzy. By this time, many who had come ready to dance were already on their feet, others were in groups – some of twos, threes and more. A good section of those in attendance were attending to their phones, tablets and laptops while taking a sip on their drinks and shaking their heads as if to declare their satisfaction with the mixes. We must tell you that it was rather hard to keep our absent followers updated on Twitter @UgGospelLife.
Ruyonga was the first artiste to perform. His performance made us bounce, ride, node, rhythm, and even sing. He started with Empisa the song he originally sung with Annette Nandujja and St Nelly-sade as well as a couple of his previous hits including Muhulire, Ride and Tituuse.

Holy Keane was next and being the energetic performer he is, he sent shocks of excitement in the place with the crowd jumping to his tunes. Nothing that happened that night could have prepared us for what was next. K!mera.
He started with Gwe Wange and before we knew it, he was doing a Jamaican style Reggae/Dancehall jam. All the while, we watched in amazement at his versatility and creativity. Thumbs up Mr Slow Down singer. The last performer of the night was Abaasa who’s vocals were too good to be unedited. He performed Runaway, Ntegyerize and other songs from his Rukungiri Mixtape.

Abaasa singing Ntegyerize during TweetaMix Party at Papali Rooftops #TheUprising27Nov

Abaasa singing Ntegyerize during TweetaMix Party at Papali Rooftops #TheUprising27Nov

At the end of the night, we were grateful to Twonjex and team for organising the party. Surely, he has come so far from the days when he was, in his own words, kicked out of church because the Youth Pastor did not like his hairstyle.


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