Based On The Robert Katende, Phiona Mutesi story: Ekitakumenya – Ruyonga

Based on The Robert Katende story, Ruyonga releases Ekitakumenya from Glory Fire album.

Based on The Robert Katende story, Ruyonga releases Ekitakumenya from Glory Fire album.


Ugandan rapper has finally released Ekitakumenya, a song inspired by the Robert Katende story. Robert Katende is celebrated as the coach and mentor of Phiona Mutesis, a young female Chess player whose story has inspired the book, Queen Of Katwe and a movie with the same title, directed by Mira Nair, produced by Disney and the role of Phiona Mutesi’s mother played by Oscar Award-winning Kenyan actress Lupita Ngongo’o. You must remember Lupita from Twelve Years a Slave, the movie which propelled her to international stardom.

Robert Katende’s role at the Sports Outreach Ministry, a local church mission, is why he takes centre stage in the life of Phiona Mutesi. And because of this, Tim Crothers the author of Queen Of Katwe describes Phiona as, an extraordinary girl with a dream to be a chess grandmaster.
Without knowledge of what inspired this song, you may miss it’s part in history and the tale it is based on. Phiona poured herself into the game of Chess while in the Kampala slum, Katwe because Robert Katende and team offered, not only skill, but something for her hungry stomach too and before long, she was sitting and playing chess in many international competitions and representing Uganda. If that is not inspiring, check out song Ekitakumenya by Ruyonga and enjoy the full package. Ekitakumenya was featured on Glory Fire album and Martha Smalls lent her vocal prowess on the hook.

Queen of Katwe Short Documentary Video.



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