A night Of Laughter, Music and Food at Jennifer Mirembe’s At Thanksgiving Dinner

Jennifer Mirembe at Thanksgiving Dinner.

Jennifer Mirembe at Thanksgiving Dinner.

On 6th October, Mackinnon Suits was filled to capacity because of Jennifer Mirembe’s Thanksgiving dinner. This was particularly shocking considering that this celebration was not highly publicised. It did not start out fully packed and we entered to find a team sharing some songs of praise, then we had a good number of opening acts. The Mackinnon Suits hall had beautifully set tables arranged to focus on the stage where Gospel Evolution had done an amazing job.

The music that dominated the first few hours of the Thanksgiving Dinner was predominantly what some of you might call local. What stood out at this point was a young man, whose song reminded us of Brian Lubega. There was a performance by Paddy Man, Ekimala Kimala. If you are wondering, we mean Paddy Man the genius producer. The song is absolutely beautiful. It has that Nigerian drum pattern with lyrics that makes your soul leap for joy because, Enough is Enough. God will (and has already) made a way of escape for you from trouble.

One of Uganda’s best DJs, Awar was in the building to ease the job of some of the musicians. He even had a mash-up with one of the Canaan Gents who did beat-boxing while DJ Awar palyed along. It was a unique spontaneous sound. The Canaan Gents went ahead to perform their new release, Sing at Jennifer Mirembe’s Thanksgiving Dinner. Of course, Comedian Pablo who had joined us did not miss the action when he shared rib-cracking jokes and asked the Canaan Gents Acapella group to join him in ‘spoiling’ a hymn.

The night, as promised was full of many laughters. That wasn’t all. One of Ugandan Gospel living legends Martin Seku was in the building to performing. His performance started with a song for fathers. We couldn’t help but wonder if the song was inspired by his experience as a father. Also, his performance was electric and the two-man backup vocalists turned dancers at climax of his live performance.

When our hosts introduced Jackie Senyonjo, she came on to perform a song for our mothers, wives, sisters and every female in our lives. After, Okuba Omukazi song, she sung the new hit single Tuwaye. As advertised, Robinsan – a HIT Award winning artiste of the year, performed for an excited crowd which got up to their feet to dance. That was all before Jennifer Mirembe made her way to the stage.

Jennifer then came to the stage to sing songs from her previous projects. She went ahead to share the reasons why she is thankful to God and felt the need to have the dinner. “I lost my parents when I was 14. I thought I heard no future, but I found God.” She told of God’s faithfulness in her life. There was more music before the CEO of Eco Stove contributed through the sale of a stove that yielded more than a Million shillings and proceeds given to advance Jennifer Mirembe’s ministry.

After that, there was a buffet waiting while DJ Awar conquered our hearts with his feast-friendly mix.


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