Rising: The New Gospel Singer Whose Status Is Reborn

Reborn Status a.k.a Javan Mwine.

Reborn Status a.k.a Javan Mwine.

We would like to make an introduction of a young artiste, Reborn Status here. We will try to tell you all about this young promising musician. Reborn Status (real name Javan Mwine) played soccer from the time he was about 10 years old and played the midfield number eight. In our chat with him, he said he was pretty good because his skills got him on his secondary school team at about 16 years of age.

Born and raised in Kampala, Reborn Status has a brother and a sister. He is the second born. His fondest childhood memory is one that involves his Pastor Sande Muhinda who used to coerce him to go to church. The little Javan Mwine (Reborn Status) did not want to go. He says that this was perhaps because he did not fully understand why he had to go to church. As if that was not enough, Reborn Status recalls a time when this particular pastor beat him up for not going for the children’s Choir practice. He had had enough, he threw stones at this preacher. We are not sure whether the stones reached the intended target or yielded the desired result. Thinking about it now, Reborn Status things that was rather weird. Anyway, the Pastor kept following him up even though he hated it. Interestingly, today he is his mentor and best friend.
Other than admitting that he was rather stubborn, Reborn Status intimated to us that he has grown up in church and did not stray much from God. While laughing at his former state, Reborn Status said, “I used to fight a lot and I was bitter.” We once heard him say in a radio interview that his name is Reborn Status because his status has been reborn/changed. Of course we are glad he won’t be throwing stones at any of you but throwing blessings when you listen to his music.
The song that introduced the general Uganda Gospel Music lovers to Reborn Status was ‘I Surrender’ which features Sandra Awilli just like his current new single, ‘Not The Same.’ We inquired whether they (Reborn Status and Sandra Awilli) are a singing duo. He told us that many people have suggested they do a lot more music together. His meeting with Sandra Awilli whose voice blends really well with that of Reborn Status was at Frayo Fellowship. From the first time they met (love at first sight – sorry, forgive us), he knew he wanted to do something with Sandra.
In his own words, “I joined a fellowship named FRAYO FELLOWSHIP and I was immediately introduced to their band as a member. I met this girl with a beautiful voice singing in the same band. I liked it and I shared my idea of doing a song with her which she didn’t allow to slip away. So, I had written I SURRENDER. I called her in studio (Roy K studios) a few days after that meeting and she was very good at it.” He adds, “We never practiced that song together…she just joined me in studio and I was amazed at how fast she caught on.”
Javan Mwine’s turning point happened in 2009 when he was in S. 4 (Senior Four) high school vacation. He attended a conference where a pastor preached a sermon that he identified with and touched issues in his life then. It was his wake-up call. When the altar call was made, he surrendered to God. He hasn’t looked back since.
Meanwhile, as much as he grew up in choir, Reborn Status often found himself taking the comfortable background and often backstage roles. As much as he knew that he had it in him to be like his leaders, it was not until he was forced to lead praise and worship at church that he began to step up. In fact, Reborn Status who confesses that he felt good while leading, he only did it because of fear. He thought that failure who warrant him a beating. He was then mentored at Passover harvest center. It was here under the mentorship of Pr. Sande Muhinda that he grew vocally.
Reborn Status stepped forward once again when he got into professional recording in 2013. This time, it was because he felt God’s conviction to join the music ministry. He says “I had written my own songs while at school. It took me time to record because I was praying for the right time.” He continued to tell us that, “My calling is to reach out. Through music and and helping the needy as I usher souls in the kingdom of God. I have been doing this for some time now.” On top of that, Reborn Status is also on the board of ONE WAY LOVE MINISTRIES- a Christian NGO and he trains Sunday School too.
He started his career with the song Only Rock then followed it up with I Surrender and now, he is making a statement with ‘Not The Same.’ He is not the same, his status has been reborn and he is moving forward. Reborn Status is one of those artistes we will be watching keenly because we see a great future and a young man with a sincere desire to minister and transform lives.
Aren’t you glad you know this artiste a lot better now? Well, find some of his music below.

  1. I Surender – Reborn Status ft Sandra Awilli

2. Not The Same – Reborn Status ft Sandra Awilli


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