The Evolution of G Way: Multiple styles, same Big God. [Guest Writer – Conrad Mbajo]

The Evolution of G WAY.

The Evolution of G WAY: Multiple styles, same Big God.

Have you been following Cooper and G Way from their days of mentoring the multiple award-winning Exodus to their current status? Do you think they have stayed the same and on course? Have they evolved? Well, that’s the question our guest writer Conrad Mbajo explores. Here is what he had to say.

G-Way under the leadership of Cooper Sali, are soaring higher on the gospel music scene, releasing one hit after the other. They are increasingly becoming a household name among Gospel music lovers in Uganda and perhaps the whole of East Africa too.

It is interesting to watch the transition; from Contemporary, praise and worship, unison oriented music in the earlier albums to more hypnotic, urban, youthful and upbeat genres in their latest songs. “Big God” for instance is an up-tempo and energetic Afro-beat, with a lot of urbane style and expression in the rap, and for the case of the music video, frantic dance moves well suited to the rhythm and sentiment of the music! The song, released last year 2014, has topped radio charts and countdowns, and has received such approval that recent gospel concerts have accorded the performance thereof a first spot on the lineup, probably to set the right, vibrant mood on the gospel shows–right from the start! The crowds always love it; the dance moves are creative yet very easy. Cooper Sali does the charismatic job of leading his crew in the performance. And it’s real. It’s simple.

The G Way Ladies Dance To One Of Their Songs At Their Recent Concert.

The G Way Ladies Dance To One Of Their Songs At Their “I Am G Way”  Concert.

The journey of evolution for G-Way continues to captivate the fans; the release of “Okikola Otya” by the group felt more like just the perfect thing that happened to our ears, especially in this time when we were still rocking to the Afro beat of Big God. Well, Okikola Otya is colloquial Luganda for the rhetoric question with literal translation, “How do you manage to do what you do?” (We wonder, what would be your own translation of Okikol’otya?) Anyway, this question is often posed to someone in wonder of their great ability, performance or impressive skill, and / or, their achievement profile. The song expresses wonder at how God does what He does for and towards us, and how he enables us to do what we do. This tune sort of slows everything down! The G Way crew seem to have followed Sam Kimera’s trademark of “Slowing things Down.” Okikola Otya comes with a pure, fine sound. The production evidently was excellent, the singing authentic, and the tempo simply wooing! The music is effortless. Yes, Big God is hard-hitting, Okikola Otya is soft and charismatic – It’s convincing. We are convinced that this piece is representative of when Holy Spirit breathes on your Creativity; you automatically get something of this sort!
How do Cooper & G-way balance their energies and easily switch between up-tempo and hard hitting, and mid-tempo and softly sweeping? Well, blame it on the Spiritual DNA; they’re born of the Spirit, and He “enables” our art, craft, and creativity and control of all things. This element of flexibility in their music takes mastery. But the source of the ability is The Holy Spirit Himself. Of course, we make the job of the Holy Spirit a lot easier when we “take the limits off of God,” like Andrew Wommack says. These guys have taken on the journey of adventure and self-discovery, and to that end the fruit is good.

Cooper of G Way sings at the 2015 Charity Concert Held At Kampala Serena Hotel.

Cooper of G Way sings at the 2015 Charity Concert Held At Kampala Serena Hotel.

Err…am I answering someone who might have wondered about G Way’s “Okikola Otya?” You are probably amazed at how they manage to switch comfortably not only between tempos and styles, but also between distinct genres? Oh yes, I am! I also wonder, but that’s my conviction on the possible answers.

With Cooper & Gway, the evolution is impressive. The music is relevant to culture. The Gospel in the Music is being presented in a way that’s relevant, authentic, and convincing. To the Gway crew, know we’re ready for the ride…we will sway, groove, jump and move as you call the shots, to the Glory of God the Father, the Son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit!
Here is an interview we had with G Way prior to their “I am G Way” concert. INTERVIEW.
Here is the concert review.

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