Canaan Gents Set To Release A New Single Titled, Sing. Read More –

Caanan Gents Set To Release New Single, Sing.

Canaan Gents Set To Release New Single, Sing.

The Canaan Gents are more than ready to release their new single. Being a group of five gentleman who can actually sing(this is not obvious), the song title is Sing. The Canaan Gents who were among the few artistes invited for the highly coveted National Prayer Breakfast say, their vision is to make Christ Famous through Acappella music. They say, by making Christ famous through Acappella music, many will get to know what this genre – that is seeing a rise in a number of acts – is all about.
Whether the majority of Ugandans appreciate Acappella music of not, The Canaan Gents are not about to give up. In our interaction with the group, they said, “It (the single, Sing) is actually a part of our maiden project. It is an album. We believe you will like it. This particular song, Sing was written 5 months ago. On the album, we have quite a number of original content and soon we will be dropping them one by one. For now, Sing is all that’s on our minds.”
Of course, now that this news has reached us, Sing is on our minds too and we cannot wait to have listen to it. To give the song a feel that fits their style, the Canaan Gents worked with producer and instrumentalist Sam Bisaso. Since the group were full of praise for the producer, it seems we are in for an experience that cannot be rivaled. They said, “We landed a good producer in the names of Sam Bisaso. He’s really talented and he has a great musical ear.”
Why did Canaan Gents take this long to have a single out? Why did they make their fans wait this long? We believe all great things are worth the wait, but they said, “For sometime we didn’t have lyricists in the group until God blessed us with 3 people. Samuel Lubwama, Ssentongo Charles and Cartherine Mirembe. The other thing was a good studio that would produce good Acappella music.”
With Lubwama samuel as the lead singer, Sentongo Charles the beat boxer and Catherine Mirembe the music director, Sing should get us singing or maybe even grooving. We wait to see. When asked to find out what the song is really about, they said “Sing is a song that talks about our risen lord Jesus christ. The time He (Jesus) was put in the tomb and that Sunday morning the tomb was empty. So the joy of knowing that our savior lives is the reason why we sing. Thus the song title “Sing.”
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