[#UgBlogWeek] How it all started: The Brief Ug Gospel Life Blog Story.

Uganda Gospel Life.

Uganda Gospel Life.

Today, I get to write as the creator and team leader here at what many of you know as Ug Gospel Life. The very first tweet I sent out on July 13, 2013 went like this;

That tweet was sent at 11:23PM. Thanks for following us (we are a team now.)

It is important to note the time because, starting this platform was a very impulsive one with no carefully thought-out plans and direction or anything whatsoever. However, I am convinced that this scripture is important in my life and the life of Ug Gospel Life.

For it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure. Philippians 2:13

To understand why Ug Gospel was created, you have to ask God. But let me tell you exactly how I saw it become what it is. I woke up one day as a writer and created a Twitter page. It was called @UgandanGospelMusic. The reason was, I loved Ugandan Gospel Music and wanted a place to share some of the ones I like from my late night times of watching YouTube videos or sharing links from SoundCloud, Reverbnation or wherever it was from.

After doing this for a few weeks, I said to myself, “Possessing a handle that implies all Gospel music is in one place is a big task and I am not sure I have the time to do that. So, I said to myself , “How about, since I am a Christian who loves sharing music and attending events and talking to artistes or finding out what is happening in their lives…. How about I tell the story of a typical Christian through this Twitter page?” Believe me, it was only a Twitter page for a long while.

Something happened.

Within a very short time, what I had decided to call Ug Gospel Life became very popular and started to grow. With growth came responsibilities. I was already a writer and Blogger. I never talked about Ug Gospel Life for a very long while because in my head, I was just telling the story of the life or lives of a Christians. When people, my friends inclusive started to ask me whether I knew who was behind the now-growing page, I did not know what to say.

Before long, because I was attending and recommending a lot of events and music, I was shocked many of you loved Ug Gospel Life too. Ug Gospel Life started receiving messages that requested for partnership with event organizers, artistes, churches etc.

At this point, I froze. I said to God one day, “God. What have you done? What is this that we have in our hands? What should we do with it to bring glory to you?” I said that because I knew, being a blogger, that the best way to tell stories was using a blog and doing that meant, I had to write a lot more than I wanted (I was already writing for a lot). Writing comes so easily to me. If I like something, it is very easy to convey that in an article. Social media is a plus. I am a very curious person. That helps with content creation and interviews. I love to study. I studied about blogging, what it takes to have a successful blog, etc. I saw Ug Gospel Life becoming a voice. I did not want to be that voice and that is why I did never let Ug Gospel Life be about me. I never allowed Ug Gospel to be a place for me to place things I liked because, even if that is how it started, God was revealing to me that there is more.

This isn’t even half the story but… When you get some time, ask and I will tell you everything.

A personal note: Ug Gospel Life blog should be proof to you that a blog can be more than a blog. 

In the meantime I have a question, since I am now so passionate about platforms and bands. What comes into your mind when you see Ug Gospel Life? Like we say in our weekly twitter chat #SaturdayTalkUg, your thoughts are needed. Share them on the comments section below.

Given the nature of our involveme in #UgBlogWeek and request to Abaasa to write his Journey To Rukungiri Mixtape, we decided telling the brief Ug Gospel Life Blog story worthwhile. 


8 responses to “[#UgBlogWeek] How it all started: The Brief Ug Gospel Life Blog Story.

  1. What comes to my mind when I see Uganda Gospel Life….

    1. see a platform where artists are not only ‘put’ out there but they are also taught how to get there.

    2.They are taught the business of branding their gospel careers.

    3.I see a platform supporting gospel events.

    4. I see a medium putting everything “gospel” in Uganda at the forefront.

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  3. The first time I saw Ug Gospel life was towards last year’s Comedy meets music.
    I was excited to go because of who was coming ( Huge Abel Chungu fan) and also because I had never been to any of the previous shows.
    I had had a friend get me a ticket but I was losing interest in the whole thing because being a student my friends in school were not crazy about spending 50k on a ticket to keep me company so the idea of going alone was inconceivable.
    But as I strolled through twitter I came across Uggospellife and remembered why I wanted to go in the first place.
    You just made me psyched about it allover again and am I glad I went or what?
    Its an experience I cherish until now a year late
    So you did that for me thank you.
    As someone who loves to write about everything thank you for inspiring me to keep at it.
    I hope my blog will some day inspire as many people as yours has.am sure Jesus approves

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  5. Hi, my name is Gloria, I’d like to know your name too, seeing as you’ve written in the first person. I honestly don’t remember how and when I started following @UgGospellife, it just feels like I always have. Keep up the good work


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