[#UGBlogWeek] The God Of Sinners (#TheWeirdGod)

The God Of Sinners - Written by Ojara Andrew Charles.

The God Of Sinners – Written by Ojara Andrew

The list of biblical sinners defended by God

The justification of Abraham and Rahab by faith that the book of Hebrews refers to uniquely talks about two people who were about to break God’s law. Abraham was about to commit murder and Rahab told a lie to save the Spies. The similarity between the two is that Abraham about 40 years before Isaac “believed God and it was credited to him as Righteousness while Rahab “believed” the God who had saved Israel from Egypt. Now, Righteousness according to Ephesians is a gift we receive from God when we believe in Him.


So, to many of you this is strange allusion. You are probably rejecting the phrase ‘God of Sinners’ right now. I understand where you are coming from and the root of your argument. Still, I came to Christ very early age of 5 and have grown up in church. In fact, you can comfortably say I only know how to live a “born again life”. You would be right in assuming so. I only know how to respond to life like a practicing Christian does. I pray, I seek help from the ‘brethren,’ I find time to consult with the Pastor, I run to the Bible etc. I am a church grown fellow.

This month I newly made 27 years and I can tell you that knowing God and practicing my Christianity over this period while in environments that are not controlled by Christianity gave me the unique opportunity to choose God for myself amid many options. I have known people who turn to God then turn away from Him or what we commonly call “back-slide”.

I have been in churches where there nearly always are the ‘obedient’ folk who because they display a behavioral set more acceptable to the church society get to belong. I have also been very close to ladies and gentlemen who are ‘different’. They do not possess the acceptable behavioral set and very often get singled out for being ‘unholy’ and living in ‘unrighteousness’. I remember one very beautiful lady about seven years ago telling me when we met away from where we ministered together in a church told me “Andrew sometimes because of the judgement of people I felt like a demon.” She was one of those people who got a rebuke nearly every time she came around for church activities. She was a very vigorous and beautiful outgoing girl. I remember being there on some of the instances she mentions. She was rebuked like this by leaders. The thing is she loved Jesus so beautifully that she never left God. She is one of the “church misfits” whose story has kept me faithful to Christ. I concluded that her and her kind love God more than the ‘rest of us.’

The amazing thing is this; This girl and her kind do not have a righteousness that they can earn. Even the little good they do, we snatch from them by focusing on their weaknesses BUT God.

I have to say BUT God because God has the audersity to give up His only son, His Heir because He loves a world of the Fallen. You have to understand that we are born sinners since Adam. God could have reinvented the world by recycling us. His Love for “The Fallen” led Him to give up His Son, His Heir (and it takes a Father on His Deathbed to understand the impact of this) for Sinners. He Loved Sinners that much. If God could die and Jesus never rose from the dead, the Divine lineage would have vanished. This is why I say that even though we Christians have personalized God as ‘Christian,’ He is the ‘God of Sinners Too.” The fallen are so close to his heart that He gave it all up for them.

He not only gave it all up, throughout the bible he Keeps reaching out to them. First, He seeks out Cain who killed his brother in Cold blood and offers Him his protection, then He finds Abraham who comes from a background of Idol worship and In exchange for Faith declares Him Righteous, He then calls ‘David a wife-snatching King’ a man after His own Heart. God reconciles these men and More to Himself. He seeks them out they don’t initiate the reconciliation. To this day, He seeks out the Fallen. To them He says ‘If you believe in Your heart and Confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord, You will be saved!” The same God who sought out Abraham and asked for only Faith, seeks the rest of us out and his Price is “BELIEVE ME”

He is the “God who has Loved SINNERS literally to Death.”  He takes the responsibility for turning their lives around and believe me I’ve seen what He can do with a life more than Turn it around. He resurrects it. This maybe a weird article about God but I promise you that it is an Honest tribute to a Side of God rarely studied and I invite you to research Him and prove Him “Unfaithful” if you may but TRY Him you must. After all, if you prove that He is untrue, You will change the world eternally.


Our third Blogger this week on #UGBlogWeek is Ojara Andrew Charles, the Author/Writer of The Weird God Blog. To feast on more of his works, check it out. We are more than certain you will be impressed and/or challenged. 

If you missed yesterday’s blog post by poet, Noisey, READ IT HERE.


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