[#UGBlogWeek] The “Noisey” Poet Writes About Finding Her Calling. 


The “Noisey” Poet Writes About Her Calling and Thanks The Lantern meet of poets.

First Disclaimer before I tell my story; my birth name is not “Noisey”. Noisey is actually a nickname that was given to me by one of my friends. The very first time I walked on stage, I got introduced as that…hence it stuck.

Second Disclaimer; I am not necessarily thaaat noisy even though some of my friends say I am. I think I just have a loud voice (wink).

Now that that is out-of-the-way, let me start my poetry journey. So how did I get into all this in the first place? – Well, I actually never ever thought I had it in me to be this way (a poet you mean). I first tried out singing but apparently I kept getting off-key; then dancing, then trying to coordinate my feet and hands at the same time was quite disturbing; playing instruments – for someone that’s left handed and has short hands like me – was also quite hectic.

After trying out all the various talents I thought I could pull off but in vain I told God, “You know what! I need to know my calling!”. And viola… somehow, He directed me into this direction. The revelation didn’t come in a dream of sorts. It actually came at a very sad period in my life when I was dealing with the loss of a close friend and very many other things and needed something that would heal me. Some day when I was talking to one of my best friends about my spiritual life, He got out his laptop and showed me the first interesting poetry clip I had ever watched that was “I Will Wait…for You” by Janette Ikz.” I was so intrigued and excited by the whole thing that I ended up watching soo many other Christian poets do their thing and I thought to myself, “Maybe I should try this out…”

I actually studied literature at “A Level” which gave me a background to writing and poetry. After knowing my calling, I decided to take steps towards bettering my talent. I then, joined some really cool group of poets called, “The Lantern meet of poets” that further sharpened my writing and performance skills.

My poetry journey is one that I think I am still walking; for me it’s just beginning! From my very first performance at 18 years – wondering if guys would really get what I was saying; whether they would listen or get the message? It’s a journey filled with doubts such as these. Every time I step on stage, It ALWAYS feels different; a different challenge, different audience, and different kinds of butterflies in my tummy. It’s crazy but when am done and someone is blessed, I feel happy. Not because I did the work but because God is actually using me.

And well, like in every journey, there are huge potholes and humps. They’re times I’ve been sooo nervous I forget lines or even a whole stanza (thank God am such a good actress people hardly notice), to the times when I have to come up with a poem to perform in two days. There are those days I am like, “will I handle this challenge?” but by the Grace of God I pull through. I believe God has called me to this Ministry and as long as it’s all about Him He will sort it out.

Wooow! I think I have written quite a lot. I actually have alooot of words; no wonder God was like let me give you what you deserve – but don’t worry this is my final paragraph. Just a few words to the talented people out there (now I feel like a philosopher of sorts but oh well).

Number one: If you have a desire to serve God, find your calling by asking Him. It doesn’t have to be like everyone else’s. No matter how weird it is and God tells you to do that I should follow it; there’s beauty in uniqueness.  When you find your calling, pursue that calling and work hard to get better at it each and every single day and even when things get hard do not give up.

Lastly, when you keep getting better at your calling, remain humble and make it ALL about God not about yourself or how popular you get. Popularity is blinding and many of us often fall prey to it so much we lose the main picture which is to bring more and more hearts to Christ. No matter how popular you are or good at what you do; God gave you that gift and all the glory should go back to him.

And there ends my mumble jumble. Now I shall continue my poetry journey… Who knows? Perhaps someday, I will start getting some You tube videos or a CD out there; whatever God wills and chooses to guide me through I will follow.

This is our second blog post on #UGBlogWeek. We promised you seven blog posts from seven bloggers/writers. Irene Mutuzo is no stranger to Ug Gospel Life family. Some of her works have been featured here and she has graced many stages to performed her pieces.

Follow Her: @Noisey_I on Twitter.

If you missed the first one [10 Annoying Habits Of Artistes – Benjaah Edwards] click HERE. 

















































































































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