#WalkAid256: One Young Man’s Dream To Give Hope To Pregnant Mothers By Walking Around Uganda.

Walk AID, A Project Under Kusaidia.

Walk AID, A Project Under Kusaidia.

Walk Aid Uganda

Usually when we hear of activities like #WalkAid or #OnTheRoadToSaveMothers we think of an established NGO or another white philanthropist from somewhere abroad come to give these suffering Africans aid. Not this time.

This time, I went to visit the Milege BandRoom at Makerere University and bumped into a Youngman to whom I am a senior by a couple of years. We had the usual catch up conversation until the moment I asked, “So Edwin, What are you up to?” That moment the good sister of the Pandora box opened and the challenge to respond actively was given. Edwin went ahead to tell me about this thing that was eating him up. He had recently learnt that about 6000 mothers in Uganda die every year in the process of Childbirth. I was disturbed by this statistic. I guess Edwin was affected too. What I perceived though as he spoke about the issue was, this problem affected him differently than it affects most other people. Most other people react to such issues by attacking their governments and some external factor. Not him.  He was inspired to action by the problem.

Edwin went ahead to tell me how He had decided to Walk across Uganda from Kabale Through Mbarara and Kampala, to Jinja-Mbale, all the way to Karamoja and then finally to Kitgum. His vision was to raise money through this activity to reduce maternal mortality in the country. The idea of 19 mothers passing away everyday had driven him to action and by responding he started a Journey that I believe will change many lives including mine, yours, his and Many Ugandans. As Edwin Spoke, I had no doubt he would Walk across this country regardless of whether Me and any other person joined him. He would walk and fail to raise the money but Walk He must. Why? Well Earlier this year when I first met him, He was putting together an Event called Photo4Charity to raise money for a different cause. It was not as big as the MTN Marathon or the Rotary Cancer run, but it touched at least 1000 Ugandans and brought them to some sort of action. That for me is why I believe in Edwin and #WalkAid.

“Someone once said Leadership is cause, all else is Effect” at the S.U Mwiri conference years ago when I was in my O’level. I say Edwin is Leading us. He isn’t shouting on the rooftops but he is staring issues in the eye and daring them to back-down from his gaze. I decided that however small the impact of this program he was putting together, I must be a part of it. Thus, I took my thinking cup and pen and since then, we have gone as far as the buildup walks to Suburbs like Entebbe, Mukono, Mpigi, Gayaza with residents of Gayaza. These minor walks and other build up activities will see us boost Edwin’s ability and raise enough momentum to start a mass “choice to do something” about Maternal Mortality in Uganda. We are not looking for great people to participate in great ways. We are looking for  anyone who is willing to do one small thing whether that is make a contribution to building the Five Maternal Centres one foe each of the Five regions of Uganda. The great news is one by one people around us are responding in small ways. Each small way is part of this journey on the #OnTheRoadToSaveMothers.

Ojara Andrew C, The author of this document is the Program Designer for the #WalkAid256 Project Of Kusaidia


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