Nominated For A Mashujaa Award: Deejay Achiever (Ke) Speaks To Us In An Interview.

Deejay Achiever On The Ones And Twos.

Deejay Achiever On The Ones And Twos.

In this Interview, we asked Deejay Achiever why he is loved and respected in Uganda. He has managed to make a lasting connection with Ugandans that goes beyond knowing that he exists. With a weekly whatsapp Mix and many mixing featuring some of Uganda’s favorite artistes, we almost feel he is Ugandan. In fact, he just needs to get a plot here. In this Interview, he talks about his heart for the less fortunate and what Put A Smile On A Child’s Face is doing. He is definitely more than just your ordinary DJ. Read the full interview below. 

How about we start this off with asking you to share what your life has been up until now? 

My official names are Peter Okumu Odundo aka Dj Achiever 3rd born in a family of 6. I come from a very humble Family, we are Christians. Growing up was not that easy since we were not well off, sometimes we had to go a whole day without eating anything and still sleep on an empty stomach, I have walked bare feet, wore tattered clothes also I have dropped out of school because of lack of fees, been stigmatized by people because of coming from a humble background but God has been faithful, He has always provided for my family and I thank God for the far I have reached it’s all His doing. Things are changing now there has been a lot of transformation if my life and my family as well

When did you get into DeeJaying? 

I have always been in love had a passion in music since I was a young lad and my dad had an old school record player that he was using to play music vinyls with so I could play around with it. Then i learnt how to use Virtual Deejay when I was in secondary school, with my pals Desktop and in 2011 I started as a secular deejay playing in clubs and also house parties n small college gigs using virtual deejay though was still unprofessional. In 2012 I had the urge of taking my deejaying to a professional but before I did God spoke to me and I had to quit the deejaying job that I had at a club and I renewed my relationship with Him and decided to deejay for His Kingdom and that has been my journey 3 yrs as a pro Gospel Deejay and I have no regrets that I chose Ministry Over Industry

We in Uganda love Deejay Achiever because you connected with us. Why do you think Uganda loves you so much? 

Wow don’t even know how I came to get mad love from my 256 family who I have grown with since 2012 to date and the family grows big daily of which I appreciate so much the true love they always show me and also treat me as one of your own, but I would call it divine connection, God made it possible for me to connect with you guys and also thanks to my bro Philla who made me part of the project (sold out Riddim) that made people in Uganda  know about a stranger who lived many miles away also I think it’s because I promote Ugandan Music, but I would say that am a Kenyan by birth and a Ugandan at heart.  Hehehehe and actually I think I need a Ugandan name too hehehehe

How is Kenya and Deejaying in Kenya? 

Deejaying is big here in Kenya plus the competition is also stiff guys here are good and you must work hard to be relevant.

How would you encourage someone who wants to be a DJ? 

If one has a passion in deejaying I would encourage them to go for it but if you dont have a passion for it just look for something else because one might end up being frustrated with it still.

We here at Uganda Gospel Life are impressed about the causes you are a part of. Tell us about it.

I am the founder and the chairman of a project called put a Smile on a Needy Childs Face, it helps the less fortunate children in various parts of our beloved country and I do this with the help of my able Team of 25 people together with a Matron and Patron and as a team we make sure that we manage to reach our set targets by the end of the year. We usually identify a needy children home and we focus on doing developments at the home for a whole year. So far we have been in 4 childrens homes since we started the project in 2011

We raise funds for this cause through themed charity concerts where we hold 2 concerts in a year DANCE FOR CHARITY and MISS PUT A SMILE

Meanwhile, congratulations on that nomination for a Mashujaa Award. Do tell us a bit about what that means. 

Ooh! Mashujaa is an annual award ceremony that awards unsung Heroes who have been involved in various projects around the country. That nomination came as a surprise because had not put more emphasis on it but I thank God and my family (friends and fans) for nominating, it’s not all about me but everyone in my life you are all my Heroes

How we can vote for you? 

To Vote For Me, for those in Kenya, as Mashujaa Dj Of The year SMS this Code  MD1B send to 21710.

3 shilings per text

That aside, when are you coming back to Uganda? … Uganda misses you… 

I miss the 256 so much but I am trusting God on His timing Soon I will be coming back. I want to visit frequently and maybe I might decide to move to Kampala and stay there.  Hehehehe

Who are your favorite musicians from Uganda? Name like 5 of them… 

Wow!  Now this is very hard for me, how do I even scale them down to 5 and yet I have like 30 favorite artists from Uganda.  But let me give like 15 that’s if u allow me

Hawa Musa , Ruyonga, Phila, Katalina, Levixone, Brian Wade, Coopy Bly, Holy Keane, Straight Eloquent, Robin San, Daisy Ejang, Jremiah, Richie Kaweesa, Benjaah Edwards, Exodus.


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