The Christian Stage at Kampala City Festival Is Meant For You. Be There. #GodOfKLA

Kampala City Festival 2015.

Kampala City Festival 2015.

When one hears about a carnival or festival, what goes through their mind is celebration. Carnivals have not been a common thing here in Uganda until the rebranding of KCC to KCCA with Jennifer Music as Executive Director. Ugandans have been enjoying a festivals which happens on every first Sunday of October and this coincides with the independence celebration week.

Until last year many christians did not have a valid reason to be a part of the festival because the activities did not appeal to them. Good enough, this neglect of the Christian community did not last for long. In fact, last year we saw the addition of a Christian stage to the festival. The Christian stage which is located at the Sheraton gardens is a combined effort of over 100 churches and  is set up to cater for “Christ-ians” as Hum Kay the music director of the event calls them.

Hum K is an award-winning vocalist and in our interaction with him explained, that the Christian Stage at Kampala City Festival will create a good atmosphere for christians to worship, pray and celebrate what God has done and is doing in the city. He continuesd to say that, with all other religious sectors having their own stages where they express their beliefs, it is only right that Christians too have a place where they can celebrate their God.

According to Ronnie Habasa, a radio presenter from Power FM and one of the organizers, the Christian celebration is codenamed #GodOfKla (Which by the way is the hashtag to be used on social media). This is majorly intended to declare that God is still the God of this City. With a Christian at the top leadership level in the City, who wouldn’t think of such a God’s reign?

In addition to the earlier mentioned activities, a huge line up of gospel artists, spiritual leaders from different City churches and their choirs that are vigorously training for the event, will grace the festival. What is a festival without fireworks? Well, expect this at the Christian stage too if you stay long enough to see the entire set of activities at Sheraton Gardens during Kampala City Festival 2015.

It is actually going to have a church service setting in the morning so that those who want to attend service will be able to do so. (please don’t forget to carry an offering). At the Kampala City Festival Christian Stage, christians will gather to pray for the forthcoming elections and also commit the next phase of this country’s future into God’s hands.

So what can we say? Just make your way to the Christian stage. You will even catch a number of our favorite people enjoying themselves in The Lord. Remember that the theme is ‘color’.

Christians Are Ready For Kampala City Festival Come October 2nd, 2015

Christians Are Ready For Kampala City Festival Come October 2nd, 2015

Written in collaboration with Reagan @Snipet7


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