With J Blessing, Coopy Bly Did Not Go Wrong On “What A Love” Music Video.

A few months back, Coopy Bly proposed to his girlfriend during a music video shoot and the pictures from their engagement made rounds on Social media and online platforms. At that time, we got to know that he had worked with Award winning Kenyan video producer J Blessing for “What A Love,” song video. When you get a genius like J Blessing on a song that is already a major hit in Uganda, you can never go wrong.

When you watch the video, his (J Blessing’s) use of slow motion and camera movements at the beginning will put you in the mood of watching the song till the end. When Coopy Bly with his usual dance moves, which one of Uganda’s Gospel music industry players can imitate very well, was joined by Vision With Hope Dance Crew, the music video got its final stamp of excellence.

One of the other things that stood out was the calligraphy and graffiti in the background and general wordplay. This is a great music video. We are more than sure you will love it. Meanwhile, rumor has it that Coopy Bly is working on something with Daddy Owen. Don’t you think this would be simply amazing? Anyway, we hope you have watched and shared your thoughts on the music video. 


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