[Pictures] Levixone Had A Mini Concert At Bayimba 2015. #Bayimba2015

IMG-20150919-WA0070The best Gospel Artiste as of Uganda Entertainment Awards 2015, Levixone made a first appearance on the Bayimba stage this year. Being the only gospel act for the night, Levixone who knew he had to lift both God and Gospel music to higher heights started his performance at around 8:00pm.

When Levixone got onto the stage, it became apparent to us that a lot of his fans and Gospel music lovers had all collected at Bayimba main stage to see their ‘child.’ He started his set with a performance of Jungle and true to the promise of Bayimba that we would need dancing shoes, we started to shake our bones. To us, it appeared however that a small section of Bayimba crowd did not know a few of the songs performed and that is why Levixone’s ability to get the crowd singing to his great hooks became of greater value.

The other songs he performed included Niwewe, Shuga which brought the Nigerian Shoki dance to the stage. He also invited some dancers onto the stage to get their groove on. Our best moment was when a mzungu (white) lady made her way to the stage and not only sung along but danced ‘paka chini.’

Towards the end of his set after performing Topowa Game, a song originally done by departed singing legend Mac Elvis, Samanya with Javkie Akello, Levixone invited Ruyonga, Holy Keane on stage to show their support. The night could not be declared over until Levixone got off stage to engage with an already won over crowd. We called it a mini concert because it was exactly that. It was a great appearance. Here are some of the pictures from his performance at Bayimba Festival Of The Arts 2015.


Pictures by: Soul Photography


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