Interview: Uganda Gave The Bahatizz A Home, They Return To Give Back In A Charity Concert.

The Bahatizz Are In The Country For Pay For It Forward Charity Concert At Theatre Labonita.

The Bahatizz Are In The Country For Pay For It Forward Charity Concert At Theatre Labonita.

A day after Holy Keane Amooti’s long-awaited Jah Jehovah Concert, we finally decided it was time to talk to The Bahatizz a singing group consisting of four biological sisters. There story which they told us in this interview will be shared in detail at their concert left me amazed. What still strikes me as totally awesome is the fact that, they did not let circumstances stand in their way and now are here to raise funds in a charity concert dubbed “Pay For It Forward.” 

A Question To Bahatizz as a group,  when did you start out? 

Uhhm… Professionally, we started out 5 years ago. That’s when we did our first single, “Don’t give up.”

Had you been singing before that? 

Yes! We started singing when we were really young in church choirs.

Where are you currently based? 

We are based in Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada. That’s where we are based right now.

Uhmmm… According to what we have gathered, you have done quite a number of things for Uganda. What are those things, if I may ask? 

In 2013, after a month of arriving in Canada, we started a project with Karamoja and it was about promoting girl child education and sponsoring them. That is what we started doing.

What prompted you to start that cause for the girl child? 

Because it is something that we went through too… We were also affected by education and we knew the importance….

Sorry for cutting you short. What do you mean by, it is something you went through? 

We were affected by it. When we came here to Kampala, we came as refugees from DRC. We stayed here for ten years. So, three of the girls did not get a real education because we did not have the money as refugees. We did not have all those things. So, people used to minimise and look down upon us. It used to make us cry and music was our refuge for sure to come out of that. So, we understand the importance of a woman’s education. People used to tell us, “You are beautiful but you did not go to school, how will any man value you?” That is where our passion for taking girls to school came from.

And, The Paid Forward project started for the years we spent in Uganda. People assisted us. We came when we had nothing at all. We just came with our clothes but we got everything we needed. The media played our music, strangers became our family. We felt at home. We thought, instead of coming to each person and personally saying thank you for what you have done, it is better we give back to other people as a way of appreciating them. For us, a thank you might be a short word but it means a lot to us. And that’s why we’re doing this. We love giving back to education, especially because we believe educating a woman is educating the whole world.

Let’s talk about your music. How many albums do you have to your name? 

We have an EP album.

What’s the title of that one? 

Don’t Give Up. It has six tracks on it.

What genre? 

We have a mixture of everything. We like to reach out to each and every audience. So, we have Hip Hop, RnB… We have Dancehall… We have reggae. So we are like Katogo (a mixture of everything). We Techno – pop and everyone gets a piece of the cake.

Where was this music recorded? 

It was recorded right here with Allan Okia

Oh. I know him. He plays bass guitar right? 

Yes. He’s a great guy.

What did you do after recording the EP? 

Right now, we are in studio recording our next project. We’re recording the second album. We are going to feature a Grammy nominated artist from Canada.

How would you describe your audience? Who is your audience? 

We usually have a blend. In Canada, we are known mostly for our humanitarian side and contemporary music. We do political stuff, corporate stuff… Let me say, we are inspirational and contemporary music artistes. Anybody, whether Christian or non-Christian, you can love our music. When we sing, people can tell we are Christians. People cry when we sing. Even Muslims ask, “Are you Christians?” When we say yes, they say, we could tell there was something different about you. Your music was so touching.

I remember at our graduation, we were called to sing. There was this pregnant woman whose baby had never kicked before. When we sung, the baby kicked in her womb for the first time when we sung, There Is Hope.

I have a question. Why should someone come for this concert? Why? If someone is put there contemplating whether to come or not… I am asking this because our readers will ask Ug Gospel Life this question. 

I will say. If you are person who doesn’t know The Bahatizz and you are a person who doesn’t like music, what should bring you to this concert is to come and make a difference and put a smile on somebody’s face.

Musically, if you are not a Christian and you say, “I love music naturally and I love supporting women and girls,” we are energetic performers. Come and be inspired. You are going to be inspired even if you are not yet Christians. We have long journey. We are going to share our story. We believe, hope is not only for Christians. Hope is not for only poor people. It is for everybody, rich or poor. We need hope. This is what we deliver. We give hope.

If you are a Christian, you need to come and have a good time.

If you are sick, lame or have problems… That is going to be a day for your deliverance. That is what we are going to say.


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