A Heart For Wholesome Family Life: Deliverance Church Invites You To The Annual Family Conference.

The Deliverance Church Makerere Annual Family Conference Is Here.

The Deliverance Church Makerere Annual Family Conference Is Here.

When you think about what a good family is, you will most definitely mention words like love, care, togetherness, peace and many attributes of a great family. On the other hand, if there is chaos, constant fights, and many such things, that family even if it sticks together cannot be referred to as good.

Divorce rates in the world at some point was stated to be the same as in the church. A study done in the USA however disapproved this and stated that it is in fact much lower in the church. This is both great news and not so great at the same time. It is great because it is lower in the church and therefore the shepherd’s (pastor’s) efforts are not in vain. The not so good news is, divorce should not happen to any marriage because the effects on life in its entirety are detrimental.

In Uganda, Deliverance Church Makerere has been holding an Annual Family Conference which is, according to one of this year’s Family Conference organisers,

“an initiative intended to inspire and teach people about the priority and principles that hold a family together. We engage speakers that are annointed and experienced with a great testimony of family. This year we have Rev Prof Sam Luboga who has been married for over 40 years, Pr. Jairus Mutebe, over 28 years, Mrs. Dorothy Kisaka, over 25 years.”

The conference which was first held in 2011 as Family School and continued in 2012 under the same name became know as The Annual Family Conference in 2013. In 2014, the conference was run under the theme; Family, The Highest Priority; The speakers were Mrs. Dorothy Kisaka, Pr. Sam Mukabi, Dr. James and Lorna Magara. The topics handled included: Biblical roles of man and woman, The hebraic model of family, the 21st century challenges etc”

This year, this movement to equip young men and women for family life and strengthen families is back. Because we each belong to a family, this is one Conference you cannot afford to miss. It is starting on the on the 31st August which is a few days from now.

This year’s theme is The Pillars Of A Thriving Family and is based on Proverbs 9:1
Wisdom has built her house, she has hewn out her seven pillars:

From the testimonies so far, Many young people have been extremely blessed by answering profound questions such as Finding a destiny Partner, how and who do you chose. Starting strong, laying the right foundations. For the marrieds, many profound lessons and principles have been passed on e.g understanding roles, balancing roles, understanding the 21st century challenges of family, intimacy questions. Many have testified of the value these topics carry through the evaluation forms we pass on.

After such words from those who have experienced The Annual Family Conference, we can extend this invitation to you to make your way to Deliverance Church Makerere starting Monday the 31st August till the week ends. Also follow @UgGospelLife and @DCMakerere on Twitter for updates before, during and after the conference.

See you there


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