Once Rejected: Uganda Shows Holy Keane Amooti Love At Jah Jehovah Concert & Album Launch.

Holy Keane Amooti during Jah Jehovah concert at Uganda Museum.

Holy Keane Amooti during Jah Jehovah concert at Uganda Museum.

Uganda Museum was the centre of attraction on Sunday the 23rd August for dynamic Gospel artiste Holy Keane Amooti’s maiden concert. The artiste who in an earlier interview told us that he wanted to have enough songs for his fans before holding a concert was patient and the patience paid off. A huge crowd of mostly youths and young adults showed up and we are sure they were not disappointed.

The concert was meant to begin at 4pm but started more than two hours after the announced starting time. This allowed many the time to sit and relax because once G Way got onto the stage as the first performers of the night to sing Big God and Okikola’otya, there was no resting until the concert ended. They were followed by Ruyonga, Robinsan, and Levixone who brought Jackie Akello on stage for Samanya. After that Coopy Bly put up a great performance before Hawa Musa came on to perform one song, No Me (Without You Lord).


Comedian Teacher Mpamire was next and he did a great job of making us lighten up with laughter. Motta Gilbert then performed a brand new single titled Obrigado which saw Levixone join him on stage. The lady JK Shine who we baptized the Queen of Gospel Dancehall was the next performer. A comic and energetic dancer, JK Shine stole the crowd’s heart with Bible Riddim. The night was still young, but given the fact that we had youths, some of who were students and had curfew, Holy Keane had to get on to the stage.

Lights out. The announcement of Holy Keane Amooti’s stage entrance was preceded by the band getting onto the stage with DJ Stef. This was followed by screams and shouts as many anticipated the turning on of lights to get the show going. Holy Keane took off more than five minutes getting phrases from some of his popular songs and this further heightened the crowd’s yearning and expectation for his performance.

Then the lights went on. Holy Keane Amooti with Mbote started off with Milele. We were ecstatic, and overjoyed. This was the moment we had all been waiting for. From Milele to Love Love, Hero, and then Am to Pm, we loved every bit. It was full of energy. Holy Keane Amooti shared with us that he felt like giving up on God and Gospel music because it seemed unprofitable and fame was calling out for him. In response, he sung Guide Me which found real meaning in many people’s hearts as they sung along.

The first twist to the concert came with Holy Keane Amooti saying he too falls in love. Then he corrected himself and said, he doesn’t fall in love but walks in it. He told of his relationship gone sour with a lady who he had written a love song for. After performing Niiwe, he then sung Queen And King which brought that raw reggae vibe into the open air event.

Shortly before session one was done, Holy Keane shared his life testimony saying, we overcome the devil by the blood of the lamb and by the word of our testimony. His father, a university student then, was requested to tutor a primary seven pupil her mother. That is how the two met and he was conceived. He says, it would have been easier for her mum to get rid of the pregnancy but she carried the child. His mom and dad later on passed on due to HIV and he moved from Grandma to Aunt both of who passed away too. Holy Keane Amooti during Jah Jehovah concert spoke of attempting suicide many times but unsuccessfully. He got emotional for a bit when he shared that he was rejected but could not believe that a huge crowd of fans now showed him love by coming for his Concert and loving his music. He concluded by saying, “Don’t let your past dictate your future.”

Holy Keane Amooti gave his life to Christ at a crusade at Nakivubo Blue primary school where Seku Martin was one of the performers. This, he said before introducing a new song “He Paid It All.” With hands lifted up, we all worshiped God for salvation and giving us a second chance. Pastor Wilson Bugembe got on after this song to lead us in a few minutes of prayer and upon request by the crowd, he performed one song.

Next was the time to sell some CDs, this role was given to Pastor Wilson Bugembe who said he is bad at sales and just offered to by it at 500,000 shilling. Ronnie Habassa of Power Fm also bought a CD at the same price. When CK Salon owner announced that she was buying the CD at 2 Million shillings, the crowd went wild in celebration of her generosity towards Holy Keane Amooti.

A few more sales were made then Holy Keane Amooti and Mbote came back to perform Anatupenda. Before that performance however, Mbote thanked Holy Keane Amooti for being the brother who led him to singing his first gospel song.

Thereafter, Holy Keane Amooti performed Love Love which was extended to give us all the satisfaction we longed for. Our feet were aching from all the dancing. The night was done and all we were waiting for was Jah Jehovah. When the instrumental came through the speakers, all but a few started to do the signature Jah Jehovah dance which involved some footwork and jumping as high as you can. It it no doubt that Jah Jehovah was his biggest song, he was patient, taking his time to release hit after hit and the crowd loved him right back by showing him love.

We were proud to be your online media sponsors of the Jah Jehovah concert and we had a great time with you all. Until next time. We leave you with our last tweet from the event night.


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